Astonishing amounts of homework causes too much stress

By J1 Reporter Chloe Degan

The excessive amounts of homework, tests that just keep coming, papers that pile up, and a never ending number of projects, eventually it all becomes too much. High school is something that gives everyone stress and anxiety. With the immeasurable amounts of work that need to get done in so little time, it is hard not to get stressed. However, some people handle stress better than others. Some crack under pressure and some rise to the occasion and face the stress head-on. Everyone is different. Here’s how girls from each grade level cope with excessive amounts of homework and tests.

It’s not easy juggling everything that high school brings upon you (trying to balance a social life on top of extracurricular activities while also trying to get good grades so you can eventually go to college.) The freshmen still getting accustomed to Marian, the sophomores trying to avoid soph slump at all costs, the juniors preparing for the ACT, and the seniors giving it their all before they leave the crusader nest and head off to college in May. There are many different ways in which you can cope with stress.

“I usually freak out automatically, so I make a list of what I have to do so that I can sort through what’s most important and what will take the most time so that I can see exactly what I have to do,” freshman Gigi Salerno said. Maybe start your hardest assignments first, ones that will take up more time. Then move on to your easier assignments, ones that are less time consuming. This way you get the difficult assignments out of the way.

Time management is important. It is crucial to organize your assignments and make sure that you are spending the right amount of time on each subject. “Time managing is probably the hardest thing to deal with a heavy homework load. If I come home knowing all of my assignments are hard it will lead me to want to procrastinate and push it off until I really have to start. I encourage myself to start my homework an hour or so right after I get home from school until I finish,” sophomore Claire Thiele said. Students are encouraged to start homework ahead of time instead of pushing things off until the very last minute. This teaches students to use their time wisely and diligently.

Having good study habits is incredibly important. If you haven’t developed good study habits yet, here are what the upperclassmen do to prepare for tests. “I definitely use Quizlet the most. I think it’s a really great way to study and memorize things. I also use my notes that I take. I highlight things that I think may be important or things that I need to study more,” junior Libby Pallesen said. Quizlet is popular at Marian. It is an easy and efficient study tool. Taking notes and reading from your textbook can also be useful. Write down the important things and highlight topics you think you need to spend more time on.

“It’s hard to give out study habit recommendations because everyone is different,” Senior Mia Mcgrath said, “but the main thing I’d say is don’t procrastinate. I can’t stress enough how much happier you’ll be if you stay ahead of the game on projects and assignments.” Everybody is different, which means everyone has a different way of preparing for tests. Find what’s best for you and stick with it.

High school is hard but the work is even harder. It is important to manage your time well, avoid procrastination, and to develop good study habits. Using these helpful tips and tricks, hopefully your homework load will come down to size.


Pictured above is freshman Clare Degan, using her time in study hall diligently to finish as much homework as possible. Photo by Chloe Degan

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