Dear Stress, Please go away!

By J1 Reporter Lizzy Musilek

Walking down the halls of Marian at bright and early 7am, you are able to see girls rushing to finish their assignments from last night’s homework. In a hurry they scramble to write something down on their paper and head to class where they will receive even more homework. Homework on top of homework and numerous tests leads to exactly what you would believe: stress. How exactly do you cope with stress and the amount of homework you have? How do you simply begin to feel better? Well, there are many ways people cope with their stress.

Humans do not like stress. Stress is something that needs to go away immediately, and doing this comes with many methods such as listening to music, doing yoga, or even practicing mindful moments at the beginning of the school day.

As freshman Annie Ellerbeck said, “ I usually cope with my stress by taking naps.”

Another stress reliever is yoga. Junior, Shruthi Kumar, is head of the Yoga Club. She said, “Doing yoga helps you focus on your body and breathing so you don’t focus on anything else. I’ve seen people become less worried and less stressed as we continue to meet.”

Also, there are some people who are just unable to cope with the stress they have. Senior, Gillian Hinrichs, said, “I usually don’t cope with my stress but, instead I cry and have outbursts of rage. Senior year is nothing compared to junior year, but it’s still overwhelming and a lot of hard work.”

Stress is something that is overwhelming and sometimes even hard to deal with. Walking down the halls of Marian hearing pages turn in a notebook, pencil lead breaking, and smelling coffee that’s barely keeping them awake, right before they head to their first class. The stress is too prevalent, but just know you can get through it.

Junior, Cassie Wolf, studying for a French test during her Block C study hall. photo by Lizzy Musilek


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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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