Deep into the Pores of Beauty

By J1 Reporter Lydia Larson

          Picture this, ladies. You emerge from your deep slumber in the dawn of the morning. You look in the mirror and see an enormous blemish right in the focal point of your face: the forehead. You may cry, scream, or simply not care because thankfully you go to Marian, but this is a struggle that every teenager can relate to.

     Skincare and makeup products: a focus that some teenagers can become obsessed with. Young women spend so much time focusing on what they look like on the outside and if people will judge them. Newsflash, NO ONE ON EARTH CARES ABOUT THAT ZIT ON YOUR FOREHEAD. Here is the inside scoop on some knowledgeable girls’ experience dealing with troublesome acne.


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           Junior Shelby Krzemien wants to be a dermatologist and she can give a “professional” standpoint on the matter as she, herself, has to deal with the occasional blemish. The next source is Lauren, a 26 year old who struggled with “terrible acne” all through her adolescence and eventually became very self-conscious. After terminating her acne journey, she now feels like, “she no longer has to hide and instead embraced herself.”

           Question: What sparked your interest in dermatology?

           Shelby’s Answer: “My interest stemmed from when I started to wear makeup, and I realized that taking care of your skin in an essential part of being confident! I’ve always been really passionate about cosmetics and skincare, so dermatology is something that really appeals to me.”

           Question: What products have really helped with your acne?

           Shelby’s Answer: “It really depends on your skin type… I personally have sensitive skin, so various things have worked.”

           Lauren’s Answer: “I don’t really remember the names of much, but I did gels (differin and other products), pills, and accutane twice (combination of the pills and gels).”

           Question: What makeup products really work well with your skin?

           Shelby’s Answer: “I find that heavy foundations really make me break out. I always prefer a light coverage foundation or sometimes I just use a sheer powder instead!”

           Lauren’s Answer: “As far as makeup, I just bought what was cheapest in high school and college and only now am more aware of my makeup choices. In high school, I think all foundations and concealers gave me acne. But my mom always told me that Almay was good for acne prone skin. My strategy now is not to apply makeup unless absolutely necessary.”

           Question: Do you feel self-conscious about blemishes?

           Shelby’s Answer: “Yes! Sometimes if I’m having a break out I feel like it’s the only thing people notice when they look at me. Although it’s annoying to have breakouts, covering them with heavy products only makes them worse.”

           Lauren’s Answer: “Yes, in high school I was very self-conscious about it and in college, too.”

           Question: What do you normally do when you have a noticeable blemish?

           Shelby’s Answer: “I like to let my skin breathe and maybe use a stronger face wash or do an overnight face mask.”

           Lauren’s Answer: “In high school and college I tried to cover every little thing with makeup. Now, I can’t say I’m extremely confident with my face, but I’ve come to terms that I have acne, and it doesn’t really bother me so much anymore. I don’t worry about covering it up.”

         There you have it girls! Five Q&A’s hopefully leaving you with answers that help you. Remember that every skin type is different and something that works well with your friend might not appeal to you. And that is OK! You just have to find skincare routine that coincides with your skin.

But ALWAYS remember: you are so incredibly beautiful on the inside and out and do not put too much stress on what you look like because the best you is the natural you!


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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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