Dream careers motivate high schoolers

By J1 Reporter Emori Hamilton

Celia Hacker smiling through her sophomore year of high school in hopes of her dream career. Photo by Emori Hamilton

    Remember that beautiful feeling you had as a girl playing dress up with your friends on your second playdate. The only thing you’re thinking at that moment is how much you want to grow up to become a princess covered in pink with glitter everywhere!

You can choose anything in the world to spend the rest of your life doing, what would you pick? The majority of people today only think about how much money they will make and what their hours will be versus what they love to do. As you grow up, these dreams transition into somewhat more of a realistic career. At around age 13 you think you are all that entering into middle school, wanting to be a supermodel, a famous singer or play a sport professionally. Again, not very realistic but better than a princess. Now entering into high school you really start to envision your future and think about what you really want to be when you grow up.

One such high school student, Gianna Salerno, as just a freshman is facing the challenge of what career she wants to grow up to be. Her goal right now it to become a pediatrician. She chose this because, she really wants to work with kids and thinks the medical field is interesting.

Another high school student, Celia Hacker, is a sophomore and is realizing the fact that the next three years of high school are critical to determine what she really wants to be when she grows up. Hacker wants to work for her dad in the dental field, she wants to go to college at Kansas University to get her masters degree to fulfill this goal.

Another high school student, Lizzie Byrne, is now a senior and her future is right in front of her eyes. Lizzie’s dream career is to become a doctor, she doesn’t know what type, but wants to be in the medical field because of the connection you make with your patients and how much of an impact you are in their lives. She said she will achieve this goal by studying hard throughout college and medical school and doing lots of research and internships.

Madame Janet Tuttle, a French teacher, said she wouldn’t pick a new career even if she had the chance. Tuttle said she loves working with high school students every day teaching them French, but wants the world to realize that teachers should make more money.

Throughout everyone’s lives there are phases of wanting to be this or that. Students have dreams they want to fulfill, yet they change throughout our lives. Wanting to be a princess at age 5 to a doctor at age 16 and making these dreams not dreams anymore, but into reality.


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