Fears That Haunt All of Us

By J1 Reporter Meredith Mueller

            “My biggest fear is losing a family member or a friend,” Timmy Hoffman, Junior at Creighton Prep says as he goes on to tell a story about how it happened to him. A few years ago, Timmy lost his Grandma due to a serious illness. He explained how hard it was on the family and that everyone was so isolated for a period of time. Hoffman goes on to say, “Since the moment she died, the family has changed and nothing is the same without her.” Timmy is scared for this instance to happen again.


Senior Emily Bressman’s biggest fear is being kidnapped and raped.

     “My biggest fear is being kidnapped and raped, and I will not get over this fear until we stop sex traffickers,” Emily Bressman, a senior at Marian said. A lot of girls struggle with this fear and can relate to Emily because, being kidnapped and raped can happen at any given moment to teenage girls and it is a scary thought to wrap their heads around.

               Everyone in this world has fears. They cause people to do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do if their fears ever happened in real life. Fears make people scared and attack their thoughts and emotions.

            A fear that some people struggle with is claustrophobia and getting stuck in places like elevators. They strongly dislike not having any control of the doors and being surrounded by tight corners. Ellen Everett, a junior at Marian struggles with the fear of elevators. She says, “I always take the stairs in hotels, even if my family takes the elevator.” Everett has had this fear since the moment she was separated from her family in the airport just at age five. She thought her family was coming along with her in the elevator and the next thing she knows, she is in the elevator alone. Ellen said she hopes to one day become strong enough to take the elevators and maybe even go on them alone.

          If you haven’t already realized it, you will have some sort of fear in your life but learning to overcome the fear and tell yourself that you are stronger than that is amazing. It takes time to do it, but knowing that the fear that lingers inside you can be overruled can make all the difference in the world!


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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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