Husker fan stays strong despite bleak record

By J1 Reporter Chloe Herbert

She never had a choice. Junior Emily Monzu has been a Husker fan since birth. Every Saturday without fail, she and her family gathered around the flat screen TV to watch every touchdown and tackle. Clad in well-loved t-shirts emblazoned with the Nebraska logo, they cheer and critique between bites of spicy chicken wings that require plenty of napkins.


Monzu shows her Husker pride. Photo by Chloe Herbert

“When Nebraska wins, I go crazy. Last time they won, me and my brother threw a party in our living room,” Monzu said. She hasn’t had any opportunities to party this season though. With a 0-6 record as of October 14, the team is ranked dead last in the Big 10 conference.

But the team’s bleak record has yet to deter this passionate fan. “I’m usually disappointed if we lose to an easy team. When it’s a hard team, I’m not too upset,” she said. Compared to some, she’s handling the team’s losses quite gracefully. Tune in to any local sports radio station and some distressed fan will have called in, looking for answers and offering loads of advice to the coaching staff and players like a retired NFL hall of famer. Others take to Twitter to gripe about Scott Frost, the head coach.

For her, Nebraska is a connection to the bigger sports world. “ I watch a lot of professional sports, but Nebraska is the only college football team I like. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be missing out on it all together.”  

Monzu loves being a part of the so-called “Husker Nation.” Even though she wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps and attend Creighton University after high school instead of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “People get so excited about it. They get excited about recent wins, but my dad will still talk about the ‘glory days’ when we were winning national championships. It’s just something that everyone loves.”

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