Screenshots cause frustration on VSCO

By J1 Reporter Colleen Sully

Example of the republished screenshots often shown on VSCO. Taken from the account “thoughtfulquotes”

This is cute, right? NO! It’s thoughtful, but a little weird. Marian girls have realized an overwhelming flood of cheesy text messages, supposedly from boyfriends or best friends, that completely eat up everyone’s VSCO feeds.

The majority of Marian girls spend their free time capturing pictures of their life, editing them, sharing them with their followers, and scrolling through endless pictures of other people’s lives for inspiration or for entertainment. However, over the past couple years there have been complaints every day about the whole app being taken over by republishes of screenshots of text messages and Twitter posts. The posts are often times screenshots of conversations with boyfriends or best friends that can be seen as cheesy.

Freshman Clare Degan’s eyes got wide when asked what her thoughts about the screenshots were. She said, “I have mixed feelings about them. I get tired of them showing up on my VSCO when I really don’t want to read them. I guess if they actually are real and they make the people who re-publish them happy and feel good, they can do what they want.”

Junior Parker Stafford was full of disgust as she said, “I want to throw up when I see them taking over my feed.” Along with her, every other girl who was asked agreed that the amount of screenshots are overwhelming and very repetitive. Almost every other picture on VSCO is a screenshot of some random person’s text messages.

The VSCO app describes itself as an “app [that] allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them, in part through the use of its filters. Users can publish their photography through a journal for the public to see.” If this is the case, then why do so many girls feel the desire to repost screenshots they see? Do girls really think that what they are republishing accurately depicts their lives or is it just what is wanted by teenage girls?

Sophomore Sophia Virgillito said that “girls repost those images because it’s what they want their life to look like.” Nearly every person asked about these posts have responded the same way coming to the conclusion that they are repetitive and overrated.

Junior Ellise Nelson expressed her opinion by saying, “I like to read them but some of them can get annoying if they get re-published many times.” So there are Marian girls who do enjoy seeing them and appreciate the content of them but even so, nearly everyone can agree that a decrease in the number of republished screenshots would make the app ten times better.

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