7 Things You Never Knew About Marian’s Golf Coach: Mr. Robert Davis

Caroline Drew

  1. He’s a rocket scientist. “I work on satellites and launch systems,” Davis said “I try to help the government decide what launch systems they want to use in the future.” Davis has worked at Offutt air base for 30 years, 10 of which he’s spent in Omaha.
  2. He’d be one of the first to know about a missle attack on the U.S. “We have satellites scanning the globe for possible missile attacks 24/7,” Davis shared. If a missile launch were to be detected, Davis said securing the White House would be first priority, “if it’s these smaller countries that have just a handful of missiles— like North Korea— we could actually shoot theirs down if we know they’re coming.”
  3. He loves the challenge of his work. “It’s always changing because of new technology,” Davis explained, “It’s not something that ever gets stale.” Even with technological advances, launching a satellite into space is “really, really hard,” Davis said. “There’s like a thousand things that could go wrong and if any one of them goes wrong, then the whole mission fails.”
  4. When he’s done with rocket science, Davis dreams of stealing Mr. Winterboer’s job. “No,” Davis clarified, “I actually want to work with him.” Davis wants to teach physics, math and computer science to high-schoolers once he’s done with aerospace engineering.
  5. If Davis could be any pro golfer for a day, he’d be Tiger Woods.

“I went to Stanford and he went to Stanford,” Davis explained, “he’s like the golfer of my generation, he came out of college with such hype and he lived up to it.”

  1. He thinks golf has too many rules. If he could change one thing about the sport, Davis said he would make it simpler, “I would [also] make it less expensive and make it easier for girls to start.”
  2. His favorite musical artist— at least at the moment— is The Chainsmokers. “They [the golf team] listen to great music while we’re travelling to all these tournaments,” Davis added, “and they all sing.”


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