Junior year causes stress

By J1 Reporter Olivia Holloway

      Junior year can be the most stressful, least favorable, and the lowest point of anyone’s high school career. Juniors are loaded with homework and tests while having to prepare for the ACT and start planning for college. On top of all this, juniors strive to make time for sports, family, friends and fun.

       Let’s find out what juniors are stressed about, how they cope with it, and other questions so they can know they are not the only ones stressed and to help give them some advice.

   Four out of the five said they have been constantly stressed since the first day of school. The students were stressed for the SAT and ACT, and were not looking forward to the standardized test typically taken by juniors to determine college scholarships. They all agreed that the load of homework this year is way heavier than previous years. Most of them agreed that junior year was also their first time having a job during the school year.

   “I am very stressed about tests, golf, grades, ACT and my job,” junior Ava Mathies said. Marian’s administration tried to implement a mindfulness wellness program into the school day at the start of the school year. Contrary to the original plan, each of the five juniors interviewed said that the practice at the beginning of the day or at homeroom time did not help them de-stress or provide reflection or motivation.  All the juniors said they wished it was not mandatory or that it could be revised somehow.

Abby Elkins is in a typical stressful mode. Photo by Olivia Holloway

    Many students already have a coping strategy. “I cope with stress by listening to music, and laying back and watching my favorite show,” junior Grace Nelson said. Listening and relaxing to music was the most common response between the juniors I interviewed. Most juniors have a plan like this. Others have another strategy.

    Mathies, says she copes by crying. She says it is a good way to release everything she has been holding in.

    Counselors say that ways to help reduce stress for me include, taking time for self care, like sleeping, and eating healthy. Do your homework assignments one step at a time, break it up into sections and you will not feel buried in homework. An important concept to know is positive thinking. All stress is made by stressful thinking.


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