The man behind the music : Tim DiBlasi

By J1 Reporter Lauren Zadalis

The curtains are drawn as the single spotlight hits the stage. However, the man with one of the most essential jobs in the production isn’t in the spotlight- he is below it. As the performer begins to sing, a beautiful melody of piano notes accompanies them from the orchestra pit. Mr. Tim DiBlasi is in fact the man behind the music.

Not only is Mr. DiBlasi the pianist for the musicals here at Marian, but as well as Concert Choir, Select Women’s Choir, and Momentum Show Choir.  “My favorite part is working with the girls,” DiBlasi said. “They are always so full of energy and willingness to work hard, and that makes my job worth it.” He started working full time in 2016, but had been helping out on the side with Marian productions since 2001.

“He is the best. What doesn’t he do? He’s super supportive and always breaks the tension, whether it’s us hitting the wrong note or simply just having a bad day. He’s an amazing piano player and always puts us in a good mood,” freshman Josie Golka said.

Mr. Tim DiBlasi plays away during a show choir class. Photo by Lauren Zadalis

“He is always ready to make jokes and laugh with us,” sophomore Amelia Zimmerman said. “I’ve known him since kindergarten. He gave me my first solo and helped me to pursue my passion with music. He brightens my day and without him, I would not be the person I am today.”

Mr. DiBlasi is loved by everyone involved in the musical aspects of Marian, but unfortunately not every Marian girl gets the pleasure of having a conversation with this lovely man everyday. “I honestly don’t know Mr. DiBlasi,” junior Hannah Kruse said. “All I know is I see him pushing the piano through the lunch room almost every day. I’d love to get to know him though!”

If you ever happen to see Mr. DiBlasi, stop him and say hello! He’ll talk your ear off no doubt about it, but it is guaranteed he will brighten your day. Mr. DiBlasi may not be in the spotlight, but for the girls involved with music at Marian, he is their light each and every day.


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