The Importance of Voting

Aileen Zitek

Turning 18 grants many wonderful privileges; it is the year you legally become an adult in all states except Nebraska, Alabama, and Mississippi. It can mean going off to college, getting a tattoo, serving on a jury, or renting a hotel room. Most importantly, 18 is the legal voting age of all states.

You may be asking yourself, why is it important to vote? Well, there are many reasons why you should. “Voting is necessary if we want a change. If you do not approve of everything the government is doing, voting gives you the chance to take action and get involved,” Hailey Zuroske ‘19.

“It’s a given right, not all countries have that right, whether for age or sex, we need to take advantage of the rights given to us. We are so fortunate for the government we have,” social studies teacher, Mrs. Susan Juza said. Your vote matters. You have a voice, we all do.

As Americans, voting is a special right we get for being citizens.  “It bothers me when people say ‘my vote doesn’t matter.’ Yes it does, many times a low number of votes have been the difference between the two candidates,” Juza said.

The reality is you could be 1 of the 1,000 votes that changes the way of history. It is time to stop sitting and waiting for change, if you want change you need to vote.

One thought on “The Importance of Voting

  1. I wish our children and teens were better informed so they would internally wish to vote. The movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, was an excellent film on the import of voting, but moreso to be raised with good values and understanding. All too many of our youth are growing up uninformed, but not only what is happening in America today, but how and why this country came to be. They simply don’t understand how valuable freedom is or what it entails. They haven’t had those serious discussions at home. And they aren’t learning enough to fully appreciate those who left Europe, those who braved death on the high seas, and those who lived in constant danger when coming here. Many have learned to use rhetoric and flashy speeches. But content is the only thing I would be looking for. Can we have emotions? Of course. But emotions without the underpinnings of content born of real consideration is often misguided and leads in no real direction.

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