Students balancing sports, social lives, education and clubs

By J1 Reporter Nayah Mbilain

Be the top of your class, be the star player, get involved with the community, join clubs, socialize, but how. There are only 24 hours in a day, but students are expected to get 8 hours of sleep each night. That leaves them with 16 hours to accomplish all of these tasks in a 24-hour day. Questions were taken to the halls of Marian to see what was helping these students stay on top of their activities.

Sophomore Kori Bullard, varsity softball; junior Gaby Watton, junior varsity volleyball; and senior Quinn Ruff, varsity softball were put to the test on how they balance their life. A common routine used by these athletes is getting their homework done as soon as they get it, time management, and checking E-backpack for new assignments. IMG_1149

Gaby keeps a detailed planner to help herself stay on task. Some may coop themselves in a room and overly focus, but Kori said she feels she should give herself time to breathe and socialize. She finds balancing her time with friends and school-work extremely important. She said “it keeps me sane to be able to hang out with my friends… they allow me to relax and laugh, instead of being serious all the time.”

Next was finding out if they felt all these tasks are affecting how students learn and if it changed their lives for the better or worse. Quinn suggested that having a full schedule, only encourages her to do her work and stay focused. Gaby said, “I need to pick up on lessons quicker so I have time to be able to participate in activities, but it helps me stay on task.”

Overall their activities helped the girls gain strong and healthy relationships, kept them busy and on their feet, and helped some break out of their shell. Their minor negative effect, which was how much time it took out of their day. The downsides of always being on the run are more stress and less sleep. Kori Bullard gives the advice of “Make sure you love what you’re doing, and know what you can take on.”

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