Thirteen business men and women. Six alumni. One Day of Business.

by J1 Reporter Lauren Zadalis

A multitude of chattering girls crowd around a cafeteria table with no food in front of them. Instead, professionals in the business world give them the inside scoop on what it’s like to own, operate, direct marketing, and take charge of communications. Six alumni, from 1992 to 2012, along with seven other men and women traveled to Marian’s cafeteria to talk about their success in the business world and how it is possible for Marian girls. 

On Monday, Nov. 12, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students hosted its 3rd semiannual Day of Business. All 66 students in business classes attended along with 11 of the 27 FBLA members. Currently there are 8 business classes offered at Marian. Accounting I & II, Business & Personal Law, Economics, Introduction to Business, Marketing, Personal Finance, and Technology Applications are all classes available for semester long credits. 

The adults run and help with many aspects of their businesses. Successfully-owned businesses include eCreamery, CRISTAL’S Clothing & Accessories Boutique, Arby’s, National Vehicle LLC, TrulyU, and The Interior Design Firm.

 Five parents of current Marian students were in attendance, as well as the most recent alumni, Anna Rosenlof ‘12 sister to Maggie Rosenlof ‘22, who attends Marian and daughter of Mrs. Susan Rosenlof ‘82, Marketing and Communications Director at Marian. Anna is the social media specialist and marketing coordinator at Hello Holiday. 

At Marian’s Day of Business, FBLA members and business class students were welcomed into the cafeteria where tables dedicated to each business person were set up in the cafeteria. The girls were split up among the tables and rotated every eight minutes.  


From left to right : Katie Mehal Stapleton ‘04, Kelly Rocha, Kim Wilson Hillyer ‘97, Suzanne Putnam, Pam Stanek, Becky Stanek Carrico ‘92, Anna Rosenlof ‘12, John Glock, Nathan Preheim, Andy D’Agosto, Jeffrey Esparrago, and Abby Klusmire Jordan ‘96. Photo courtesy of Taylor Sterba ‘19. 

“My favorite part of day of business was seeing that business doesn’t always have to be formal or stressful,” Cali D’Agosto ‘22 said. Cali’s father, Andy D’Agosto, director of operations and owner of 13 local Arby’s and currently on the National Arby’s Foundation Board and Executive Committee , attended the Day of Business, one of many parent/daughter duos in attendance. 

“My favorite part was being able to contribute in a small way to continue young women’s interest in business,” Mr. D’Agosto said. 

Cali loved the experience. “Having my dad there was a really cool experience because I got to further see his passion for what he does,” Cali D’Agosto said. “Because my dad works in the business world, I get to see more of the behind the scenes business aspects so i think it would help me to possibly become an entrepreneur one day.” 

Mr. Craig Panning, head of the business department and moderator of FBLA, helped run this event. “I think the most important thing was that the students really enjoyed it and they got to interact with business in a variety of different fields and experiences,” Panning said. 

Cali is also one of the 27 members in Marian’s FBLA chapter. FBLA is a national career student association for students in grades 6-12 who are interested in business or business education careers. Many benefits of FBLA include: leadership development, career preparation, community service, networking with business and community leaders, and challenging competitions. 

Marian’s FBLA participates in business speakers and tours, Go Green Week, iGive Fundraiser, Feed Nebraska, which benefits the Open Door Mission, distracted driving week, and the Marian Day of Business.

Taylor Sterba ‘19 is the current president of Marian’s FBLA chapter. She participated in the past three Day of Business events at Marian and it has helped influence her in many ways. 

“When we bring in alumni from Marian, it is beneficial to see that it is attainable for me to pursue a successful career. I am not majoring in business as my college career, but it has increased my interest in business and influenced how I see business involved in aspects of every career.” Sterba said. 

“The day of business really opened my eyes to see that being an entrepreneur is possible if you put your mind to it! I learned that there are so many ways to have fun with a career in business. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for next year!” Cali said.  


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