Harry Potter Club brings Magic to the Halls of Marian

By: J1 Reporter Ariana Ganson

Wingardium Leviosa may just be a jumble of words to some but to others it conjures up the images of characters and a world that makes Marian’s hallways look bland. These images led Juniors Hannah Frodyma and Sara Lighthart to re-energize the Harry Potter Club this past year, because the seniors who were running it left. 

The Club was “a big thing when my sister was hereand then it stopped being a thing. It got brought back in our sophomore year and me and Sara attended all the meetings. The Seniors who did it stopped doing it, so Sara and I decided to bring it back,” Frodyma said. 

You can sign up for the Harry Potter Clubthrough the Marian club fair. This past year around 102-108 girls signed up. The club Moderator is Jillian Rodger 

  Lighthart explained what the club actually is. “ It is a fandom club for everyone who loves Harry Potter. We don’t just watch movies, we do a ton of activities that involve Harry Potter,” she said. 

 The  club has already partook in several Harry Potter activities like the House sorting. In Harry Potter, the students get sorted into houses that are based on their specific characteristics.. In the Harry Potter club each member took an official Pottermore Quiz that sorted them into the house. Frodyma made pumpkin pancakes for the club members. The club members have ordered sweatshirts with their house patch on the front, and a famous quote from the book “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” 

IMG_1067.jpg  IMG_1068.jpg

Some upcoming events the club will partake in is making the famous drink for Harry Potter, butterbeer. Butterbeer is a drink found throughout the Harry Potter books that is reminiscent of shortbread and butterscotch. Later on in the year they will be making custom wands and potions and a famous love potion from the books  in February. They will have a meeting every month besides December, because it is such a busy month.  

So, next time you’re in the mood for a little magic in your life, sign up for the Harry Potter club, any house would accept you with open arms.

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