Sophomores Scooter Through the Halls of Retreat

By J1 Reporter Colleen Sully

Rylee Gregg, Cece West, Sydnee Baysa, Samantha Jaeke pose with their scooters. Photo by Grace Nelson.

      Zoooooom…“WELCOME TO RETREAT, WOOHOO” is the first thing the new freshmen hear as they walk into Marian on the rainy morning of Nov. 2. As they watch and hear the shadow crew girls flying by on scooters, chanting and cheering, all fears of retreat start to fade. This is the moment they have all been waiting for- to finally be a Marian Girl. 

      The power of behind the scenes work is often underestimated and overlooked. When you hear about freshman retreat, you are more than likely only going to hear about the leaders, groups, and rooms. But how does this all come about so cleanly? Two words: shadow crew. These girls work behind the scenes, nonstop and are dripping with sweat by the end of retreat from all the hard work they do. 

      Sophomore Ellie Maguire was the shadow for the Beekeeper group. “The hardest part about preparing for retreat is cleaning the whole school to make sure that everything is ready to go,” she said. 

      Marian girls are known for their low maintenance lifestyle at school but this became all too real for the girls cleaning for retreat. “We did find some underwear and we also found a trash can with bugs crawling out if it because of rotting food,” Ellie said. 

      Although Ellie and her shadow crew friends will never be able to unsee how dirty Marian can get, she said, “I became so much closer with so many other students, and even teachers, which was also something I would not have realized unless I was a part of shadow crew.”

      Sophomore Sophia Virgillito agreed with Ellie and said, “[shadow crew] wasn’t as hard as I expected but there was definitely more work the night before with cleaning and setting up the entrance.” 

      The shadow crew’s assistance is needed nonstop. One second they might be helping Mr. Golka clean up for an activity and the next second they could be racing down the halls to restock a room with tissues or waters. They spend the whole day scootering through the school to be at any leader’s or freshman’s beckon call when needed.

      “The best part of being on shadow crew was the wake up call. We got to scooter down the halls and slam the lockers shut, talk endlessly on the intercom, and just be reckless and scream at the top of our lungs until the groups all woke up,” Sophomore Katie Corpuz said.

      “I didn’t go on the intercom, even though I would have had a lot of fun doing it, but the girls who did definitely got all the freshman to wake up-and maybe even scared them a bit-with the Purge song,” Ellie said. 

    “I look forward to apply to be a leader next year and continue to experience freshman retreat. I was able to bond closer with a group of girls in my grade,” Katie said when asked about the chances of her applying to be a leader next year. 

      Ellie agreed with Katie and said, “Next year I will definitely apply for a leader. Even though, I absolutely loved being on shadow crew, I would really enjoy being able to get closer and bond with my own individual group.”

        There is a sparkle in freshman retreat that keeps girls coming back each year. Whether the freshman realize it or not, the shadow crew is the main source of magic that flies down the halls to bring success and joy that the new freshman will soon call home.

The Shadow Crew group and Mr. Golka perform a song to welcome the freshmen. Photo by Grace Nelson.
Sophomore Katie Corpuz rides her scooter while waiting patiently for the freshmen to arrive. Photo by Grace Nelson.

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