Taking a bite of Heaven in the school cafeteria

By J1 reporter Lizzy Musilek

You just finished a long day at school and all you want is a sweet treat. You hurry home and enter your house which is oozing with the smell of your favorite gooey chocolatey treat, cookies. Now imagine smelling this every day as you enter your school cafeteria.

Marian makes some of the best cookies anyone has ever tasted but no one seems to know how they make heaven in the form of the cookie. It’s a secret that most Marian girls have always thought about.

“Marian’s cookies are unlike anything else.” Junior, Emma Garriott said. “I usually get a cookie sundae at lunch and eat it in two bites.” But, even though she eats them almost every day, she doesn’t know where they come from. “I’m not totally sure, but it’s unfair to keep the recipe away from us.”

A beautiful cookie sundae during second lunch. Photo by Lizzy Musilek

Tim Eoriatti and Bill Agnew are the lunchroom chefs and are there every day while Marian’s treats are being made. They work tirelessly to make sure that each Marian girl is fed with nutrients and is able to be provided with a sweet treat if they choose. Trying to figure out how the cookies were made was not all that difficult and not surprising whatsoever. The cookies are made the same way you make cookies, in the form of a pre-made cookie dough balls, put on a pan, and made in the oven. This year, Marian upped the price of the cookies from $1.00 to $1.50 but thats not stopping girls from getting the infamous cookies and cookie sundaes.

Another Marian treat that’s sold during lunch are the scotcheroos. Scotcheroos are rice cereal mixed with peanut butter and butterscotch with a chocolate layer on top. Scotcheroos are only $1.50 but still a less popular lunch item but are still just as delicious. Junior, Mischa Mountjoy, said she loves the Marian scotcheroos, but she enjoys making them more because you’re able to get more for less. “ Making scotcheroos only cost $18 for all the ingredients and you’re able to get 12-14 scotcheroos just by making them.”

When you step into the crowded lunchroom of Marian, waiting in the long line all seems worth it if you are able to just get your hands on the delicious and delectable treats that Marian has to offer.


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