The Underground Powderpuff Team-the mystery continues

IMG_1076.jpgby J1 Reporter Maya Reed

I spent my time running up and down stairs, opening doors, and getting the dirt.

I was trying to discover if Marian really did have a football team. Some schools do have a powderpuff team.

But first what does powderpuff even mean? It is  a game of sports played by women or girls only. Talk about Girl Power!

In October of 2015, the Network staff tried to unravel the full mystery of Marian football. The best they could do was track down theology teacher Mr. Mark Koester’s details about when he sold the  now famous Marian Football T-shirts.

In 1992, Koesters became moderator of the Student Board and stayed moderator for four and-a-half years. As a way to sell the Marian football T-shirts, Koesters started a fake Marian football team/club where they met and went over plays, they had created themselves. The team had rules, played fake games, and even took a pledge. Koesters would even post the scores, and who they played. In the those four years while Koesters was still moderator the school had a running joke. “What’s the difference between Marian football and Prep? We never lost a game.” However they had never played a game. The main goal was to drum up support to sell the Marian football tee-shirts so that money could go toward scholarships. Koesters even called it the football scholarship. The person in charge of scholarships said, “We can’t do that! She took it really seriously.” Koesters then said “It was all just one big joke.”

However, as time passed, other students wanted an actual football team that played. And here is where my search begins. The underground powderpuff game! It all started in Room 304 which is usually filled with girls in their green iconic journalism sweatshirts. It was time to write a feature story, we scrolled through the options in a hurry to find the best story. My eyes sped over the Google doc, side to side, up and down, finally I saw it, Marian Football! I highlighted the story and called it mine.

My sources told me there had been a few years of powderpuff football games where girls from Marian actually played girls from the other all girl schools in town. The games got aggressive and girls got hurt. This is the story I wanted to cover.

Before my interviewing, I was given the years I needed of all the teachers who would know about any secret or unofficial Marian football game. Running down from the third floor to the first, I started with Mrs. Molly Woodman the director of admissions. “Mrs. Woodman graduated in 1997 so she has to know something about a football game?” I thought to myself. I opened the door and hoped for the best. After a brief interview, I had no luck with any secret powderpuff game, however I learned about Gnimocemoh football.

At Marian, we have a Gnimocemoh tradition where we play a game of volleyball with the students vs. staff. However it hasn’t always been this way. From the 90s to 2003, Marian students and teachers played a game of flag football instead. But why did it end? I was given three theories. The games were aggressive and people were getting hurt. Because it was flag football, it became a risk for male teachers when girls grabbed for a flag. Someone also explained that is was harder to set up a football field than nets in a gym and the weather was always unpredictable.

As I ran through the Marian halls, I tried to find the truth. Maybe the underground game was really a scramble up between Marian football shirts and an old game of Gnimocemoh football. However my deadline’s up, and for me it’s still a mystery.


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