Ways Marian girls maintain their relationship with God

by J1 Reporter Ella Meis

Decade Darlings gives Marian students (Kira Bravo, Nyanar Kual, and Sarah Ritterling) an opportunity to pray together after school.

At times, people tend to drift away from God. According to the Reverend Billy Graham from the Evangelistic Associations, “People drift away from God for all kinds of reasons, I’ve found. Often it’s simply because they became preoccupied with other things—although sometimes it’s because they have become trapped by a sin or way of living that they refuse to give up.” 

Junior Mariesa Beal, a devoted Catholic, has found herself drifting from God at times. “Sometimes I wonder if he is really there with all the bad stuff going on in the world,” she said. “The political climate lately makes it really hard to think He is there. I don’t know, this world is just messed up.” 

Beal may have times that God is not a principle part of her life but she always finds her way back to her faith. “I do have that doubt that He isn’t there sometimes but when I’m really stressed and need someone to look up to, I always find myself praying to God. I also seem to find myself comforted by doing that [praying] and I feel like he is right there with me. When it really comes down to it, I know God is always there for me.” 

Some of the ways Beal maintains her relationship with God include: silently praying to Him on her own time, celebrating mass with her family, treating others with same respect she should be treated,  and seeing God in everything around her. In the end, she describes God as real, accepting, loving, and forgiving. 

Junior Meredith Forster also finds herself drifting from God once in a while. She renews her relationship with God by reading passages from her Bible, participating in volunteer work at “Memories for Kids” (an organization that creates awesome memories for kids who have a parent with stage 4 cancer), and attending church with her family. 

“Maintaining your relationship with God is very important,” Forster said. “Praying and going to church can help you in your journey in being a better person and maturing in your faith.”

As seen through the insight of both Marian students, cultivating a personal relationship with God can be done in various ways. Spending a few minutes with God each day, such as reading bible passages or praying, can help maintain a close connection with God.

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