A Day In Ms. Abel’s Life

Ms. Abel working in her office.  Photo By Meredith Mueller

By J1 Reporter: Meredith Mueller 

        It’s a pretty sweet life being the “Queen of Marian” according to the student body. The very fashionable, smart, and stunning math tutor has a life that many people would enjoy. 

       She starts out every morning by waking up sometime between 5 and 5:30 a.m. During Ms. Abel’s showers, she plans out outfits and tries to put something together in her head. When she finishes her shower, she tries on a few different outfits until she finds the perfect fit. Ms. Abel uses instagram to find new trends. Whenever she is shopping, she does not buy a whole outfit together. Instead, she picks out random pieces of clothing and hopes it will work. She rarely ever wears an outfit twice. Abel gets dressed and ready, trying to be out of the house by 6:45 a.m. She likes to get Scooters Coffee twice a week to get her through the day. As a full time math tutor, Abel checks her email and helps students who have questions. She basically just hangs out when girls are not in her office asking math questions. Sometimes, a math teacher will require a student to see Ms. Abel, but she has heard that some girls feel intimidated and she wants to change that reputation.

          During her downtime, she likes to watch film for basketball now that her team is in season. Her favorite team to watch for fun is Wisconsin, Marquette, or Creighton. Otherwise she will work on ACT materials to help students, or work on Student Board duties. As a co-moderator of the student leadership team, Abel keeps girls on a focus and approves their decision making. She states that it is a very easy and fun job.

           Sometimes girls like to come into her office to just relax or use the quiet space to their advantage. Abel said she loves connecting and meeting girls, and she is always open to hang out with them. For lunch, Abel will either go to the back room in Student Services to eat or she will just eat in her office so that girls have the opportunity to ask questions over their lunches. When the bell rings for the end of the day, she heads down to the gym and coaches her Junior Varsity team until 5:30 p.m. After practice, all coaches meet to discuss how practice went that day and plan tomorrow’s practice. Abel heads home around 6:00 p.m. and eats dinner. Abel likes to cook but does not do it often. Her favorite type of meal to cook are pasta dishes. Some nights she will watch T.V., such as “Grey’s Anatomy”- her favorite. On Tuesdays, she likes to go see a movie at Majestic Cinema with her friends because it is $5 movie night. 

        Now that basketball season has started, she admits she will not have much of a social life due to the amount of time that coaching takes up for her. She absolutely loves coaching basketball and says it is her favorite time of the year.

Lily Hacker, a freshman and teammate on the JV basketball team at Marian, gives a little insight to what Ms. Abel is like as a coach and role model. She says, “ Ms. Abel is not only a mentor for our team, but she is always willing to go out of her way to help us. She is someone many girls on our team look up to and we are so lucky to have her as a coach.”

The girls on the team agree that Abel has a very comical personality and “is always looking for ways to help us out no matter if it’s in school or on the court,” Hacker said. 

       Ms. Abel says that although she misses her family up north in Wisconsin, she loves her job here and is just “living the dream!”

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