An out-of-body experience for senior anatomy students

Joey Carollo

When was the first time you saw a dead body? For 80 senior anatomy and physiology students, it was Nov. 27 and Dec. 3.

A group of students were chosen to accompany anatomy teacher Mrs. Linda Brock to visit the donor cadaver lab in the Boyne Building on Creighton University’s campus. On this field trip, girls were divided into two groups of 40 and were shown cadavers being studied by Creighton students.

When students arrived at the lab, they immediately started learning about the process of donating. They learned that the choice to donate is not only the donor’s but their family’s as well. Lastly, they were told the rules of the lab, split up into groups, and got busy looking at the cadavers and their parts.

Students looked at everything from the cadavers’ muscles, to the lungs and the spinal cords. “My favorite part was holding the real heart,” senior Madison Bezousek said. Bezousek plans on being on the pre-med track in college, and this is one of the many reasons she chose to go on the cadaver field trip.

“This field trip just even more assured me that medicine and health sciences is what I want to do in my future. I wanted to go to the lab because I know that it is a special opportunity that not many high school students get to experience,” Bezousek said.

Senior Lizzie Byrne, who is also interested in being on the pre-med track in college said, “I wanted to go to the lab because reading and looking at pictures in a text book can only teach you so much. Seeing the actual body parts and being able to touch and rotate everything made the learning come to life.”

The seniors were able to speak with Creighton students in small groups and ask them questions about their studies and the cadavers. The medical students had been working on their cadavers for 10 weeks and would be having their final that following week.

“I was surprised at how willing and open the Creighton students who helped us were with letting us touch the bodies,” Byrne said. “I think it’s a really cool concept that these people donated their bodies for as many people as possible to learn from them and that we were a few of the people who got to learn and be aided by them.”

Marian is one of two high schools, along with one high school from Iowa, to have the opportunity to visit Creighton’s donor cadaver lab. This year was the sixteenth visit of—hopefully—more to come. This field trip and Marian’s anatomy and physiology course have successfully inspired and motivated girls to take up pre-medical tracks for their college careers. It also assured these girls that they have found an interest that could lead to a passionate career.

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