Peanut butter jelly time: Marian girls meet PB&J goal

By Caitlyn Virgillito

From Nov. 5 to Nov. 16, Operation Others held a peanut butter and jelly drive for families in need of meals. This drive is essential to provide for more than 1,500 food insecure families especially during the holiday season. Senior Sarah Gerards, member of the Operation Others core team, gave an inside scoop on where the collected jars go after they leave the donor’s hands. “We count all of the peanut butter and jelly and box it up and take it to the Creighton warehouse downtown. It stays there until delivery week in December,” Gerards said. Packing day is Dec. 21 and delivery day is Dec. 22. Delivery day is from 9 a.m. to noon and packing is at 11 a.m.. The warehouse address will be emailed to the students when it is officially determined. 

The Operation Others team advertises the week before the drive to get the school pumped up to donate an abundance of peanut butter and jelly to meet the school goal of 2,500 jars of peanut butter and jelly. Gerards emphasized how necessary it is to meet the school goal. “If we don’t make our goal, Operation Others’ money has to be taken away from buying fruit and other items that go towards buying more peanut butter and jelly for the families,” Gerards said. The school goal was met and the student body was awarded a day off of school on Feb. 15.002news3

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