How Marian students express their faith

Maria Alessandro

Marian girls have many different ways to express their emotions or their spirituality, and these ways don’t necessarily need to be verbal.

Signing with a purpose

At the Thanksgiving Prayer Service on Nov. 20, many groups and clubs expressed their spirituality in different ways. Throughout the years, the Thanksgiving Prayer Service has usually included the language clubs and a performance by the mime troupe, but to change things up this year, Campus Ministry’s F.I.A.T. (Faith-in-Action Team) decided to add some new elements.

One of those new elements was including the Sign Language Club in the service. The club used ASL (American Sign Language) to sign the Glory Be. By displaying different expressions of prayer, students are able to see the diversity of ways that one can express themself that isn’t typically shown. For some people, ASL might be their only method of prayer, so the Sign Language Club is trying to be an asset to their community by learning how to share their faith with as many people as possible.

DSC_0032sign language club copy

Sign language is being prioritized more and more in the world, including at Marian. Many events such as concerts and even graduations are now having signers there to help those who use ASL have more accessible opportunities.

Since sign language isn’t often seen in the average Marian girl’s daily life, so the fact that many Marian students learned how to sign helps students grow in their knowledge of expression. “Learning sign language is important so that people can communicate with a wider and more diverse audience,” senior Katie Krager said. Krager is a member of the Sign Language Club and signed at the service. Seeing other people embrace their spirituality, regardless of status or circumstances, is beneficial so that students can grow in their knowledge of how other people share their story who cannot necessarily speak it.


Stepping with personality

Pep Rallies are now a rare feature at Marian, so more special activities are being added to them to showcase girls and their talents. At the Nov. 30 Winter Sports pep rally, besides having just cheer and dance to perform, a new activity was introduced — Step Club. With the multitude of talented Marian girls, they are able to show the different ways to express their personality, such as through Step Club.

Step Club began last year. This club performs a form of dance called step that incorporates stomps, claps and short chants into a uniform routine. This type of dance is popular around the U.S., but is just beginning to flourish at Marian.


Step is another nonverbal way for girls to express their individuality and personality. The energy that the girls had when they performed kept the students engaged and cheering whenever the power moves came up. At the end of the pep rally performance, the student body gave the steppers a standing ovation. The current head of the club, sophomore Jackie Paul said she is proud of the improvements the club has made and continues to find joy in it. “I love the memories. . . it’s the best part. Just looking back at the progress we’ve made together and how much closer and comfortable we are with each other now,” Paul said.

Supporting different groups that people may not know much about is important because it shows the unique ways that Marian students can express themselves. “Everyone has a talent, whether you think you do or not. . . These girls [Step dancers] have talent not only in step, but in everything else they do. Step and other activities are only just part of it,” Paul said.

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