Students sign to become collegiate athletes

Caitlyn Virgillito

On Nov. 14, 10 Marian athletes signed letters of intent to play a sport in college. These dedicated athletes have spent countless hours practicing their sports. Quinn Ruff has signed to play softball at Benedictine College.  

Six soccer athletes signed, including: Lily Gonzalez at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Alexis Christiansen at the University of New Mexico, Mallory Mumby at Rockhurst University, Katherine Pelton at Augustana University, Maureen Tolley at South Dakota State University and Grace Thede at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Three volleyball athletes signed as well, Emily Bressman at Creighton University, Emma Hern at College of Saint Mary and Hailey Zuroske at the University of Wyoming.  

For some girls it was an easy decision to become a collegiate athlete, but for others it was more difficult. “It [the decision] was very difficult because, for a while, I wasn’t getting a lot of looks, and it was really frustrating. For a while I didn’t even want to play, but I just kept pushing myself and finally found a great school,” Mumby said.

Each athlete has different motivations to play in college. “My parents encouraged me to become a collegiate athlete because they were both collegiate athletes themselves, so I wanted to follow in their footsteps,” Gonzalez said.

Many girls have been playing their sport for so long they do not know how they could live without it. “Soccer is something that has been a constant in my life since I was five years old. I genuinely do not know or want to know how to live without it. It is my biggest stress reliever and has given me a lot of my confidence, and has taught me leadership, responsibility, and how to deal with difficult situations,” Pelton said.

Zuroske’s inspiration to play a college sport came from her experiences as a child, which helped make the decision easy for her. “When I was younger, I remember always going to college volleyball games. I looked up to those girls, and it became my dream to be one of them when I was older. When I was given the opportunity to play in college, I couldn’t be more excited, and it felt good that all my hard work finally paid off… For me it [the decision] was easy—I knew my goal since I was 10 was to play Division 1 volleyball in college,” Zuroske said.

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