Challenge yourself in 2019

Abby Butler

At the end of each year, people often reflect on the year and consider how they want to change. Coming up with a New Year’s resolution is a way to reflect and create goals, usually with the intentions of bettering oneself. When Marian students were asked what their goals for the new year were, there was an abundance of similar responses.


The majority of responses reflected creating a healthier, happier lifestyle. The means of doing so ranged from goals such as eating healthier meals, drinking more water, exercising regularly, studying better, reflecting more often and being happier.  Junior Olivia Sullivan says her goal is to “write down what [she is] grateful for every single day, with no repeats.” She wants to purposefully practice being more grateful and this personal goal for herself would be challenging, but achievable.

Other students admitted they don’t like to create said “resolutions” because they don’t want to feel defeated if they can’t follow through. Many students said they prefer creating small goals throughout the year, finding them easier to stick to.

Coming up with a resolution can also be the hardest part. Below are some Marian student resolutions for 2019. If you do not have a new year’s resolution, maybe one of these can spark an idea for yourself! Challenge yourself in 2019 to challenge yourself!

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