Puppies Provide True Love for Life




Spilling the Tea with Stevie    Opinion by J1 Reporter Stevie Salerno

Everyone in this world wants to be loved unconditionally. We all want a love that knows our flaws and doesn’t fluctuate. Many people search for the entirety of their lives for a love so strong. But the answer is directly in front of them.

                Puppies love individuals unconditionally from the moment their hearts start beating until the end. They don’t care about your grades, your messy hair, that you eat too many bowls of ice cream, or that you don’t drive the nicest car. They have a never-ending capacity of acceptance and affection. They are someone you can always count on to be there for you through thick and thin and without fail.

                You being happy is their whole world. You are their happiness and all they know. To see you happy with them is all they could ever ask for from you. Humans are flawed and yet dogs love us so strongly that they see no wrong. This love is rare, it is real, and it is right in front of our eyes. They know nothing of society and its harsh and fatal flaws. They are beautifully innocent animals with hearts twice their size. They are the definition of unconditional love and devotion.


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