Knowledge Vs. Imagination


Maggie’s Corner                                                                Opinion By J1 Reporter Maggie Mantini


        Within this generation, we are constantly reminded of the conceptual idea that grades, test scores, and any numerical ranking has the power to justify the intelligence of an individual. This notion is far from correct. If you truly stop and consider things, education has become a series of memorizing terms for a test or quiz, and once completed, never using them again. We have grown so attached to this competitive, draining era of education. It seems as though we have forgotten the most significant people in our world: the creators and imagineers.

       In a society that ranks an individual based on numbers: how many followers and likes had, ACT score, ranking in class, it is hard to justify the underlying importance of a person. Truth be told, the human being prospers through a free mind, allowing them to fully indulge into their creativity. As imagineers, our minds are enhanced just by thinking in normality. It is essential to have these people in our world, for they encompass a complex perspective and a wise input.

        Every establishment of a company or invention begins with a mind that holds imaginative power. Having a vision, or a dream, enables the mind to gain a keen understanding of the way the world works. Society would be dull in lacking diversity without its imagination. Although knowledge can earn you the highest of positions, the multiplying scholarships, or the grade point average you strive for, it is not nearly as valuable as a receptive, innovative mind. For example, the aspiration to formulate a business entails far more than just a knowledgeable brain. One must be communicative and creative to visualize an end product. They must be able to envisage the actions they will take in order to achieve a successful company.

       Intelligence without passion is ultimately meaningless. The world would be nothing without the ideology of its creative peoples. It is so often that we do not pay attention to the beauty in artistry and human expression. Perhaps the most intelligent of individuals are the ones who recognize that caring for one another is the smartest decision we could ever make.

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