Loving Yourself Through Thick and Thin

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A Little Life with Lydia   Opinion Column by J1 Reporter Lydia Larson

Self confidence is a concept many girls struggle to fulfill. It’s like a rollercoaster. One minute you feel good about yourself, then you see something online or read a mean comment and your love for yourself plummets like it was never there to begin with. Girls spend so much of our lives worrying about how can we look like another person because that person is “perfect.”

We are constantly comparing ourselves to models. They are the constant reminder of what we want to look like. We see them all over social media, magazines and TV. We look up to them so much because they are beautiful. They are the girls who guys want, the girls who everyone likes, the girls who other girls want to be, but who said that’s the standard for beauty? Who said that in order to be beautiful you have to have clear skin, long legs and an hourglass figure? How can a specific type of nose be considered beautiful? It’s funny to think that there now is a competition to see who can have the biggest lips after getting filler.

One second it’s like society wants everything smaller and smaller and the next it’s popular for everything to be bigger and bigger. It causes so much stress on people who just want to fit in with the beauty standards. It’s challenging for numerous girls to feel confident in their bodies. Magazines, society, and men tell us how we should look and if we don’t meet or even exceed standards for that matter, we aren’t seen as beautiful.

There are people we can look to who have come close to mastering this thing we call self-love. One person who comes to mind is Alicia Keys. She took all the standards for beauty and threw them out the window. She ditched the makeup, all the uncomfortable clothes she did not want to wear, and she didn’t care how people looked at her. She is constantly creating songs about body image and how we can be happier. She says, “We are a gorgeous, infinite circle of women of all shades, all styles, in all the ways we were made. Inside of us everything bloom.” It’s refreshing to see such a big influencer using her voice to compel and very powerful message.

It shouldn’t matter what size you are, what your face looks like, what color hair you have, the list goes on and on. Beauty should come from within. If you have a good soul, your beauty will protrude from your body. With that, self confidence rises. It can take such a long time for girls to love themselves, but I believe there is a day where they will feel self-assured. It doesn’t happen overnight and it is not easy, but once you discard all expectations for women and start focusing on how you can be a better person, you will love yourself.

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