Stay in School, Kids

Abby’s Aesthetic

By J1 Reporter Abby Elkins

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    You’ve undoubtedly had those days at school that just really test your limits. You get your test back and it’s nowhere near the score you expected, or a teacher seems to find enjoyment in picking on you, or every person you encounter just grinds your gears; at this point being homeschooled is equivalent to a tropical vacation.

    However, though it’s more of a challenge, going to school is necessary for the growth of one’s character. When you’re young, the daily life in school introduces to you how to have proper social skills, how to work with different kinds of people and compromise with them, and how to react properly when things don’t go your way.                              

    Homeschooling could potentially strip you from the opportunity to experience the real world and how to interact with adults and people your age. In addition, at a school, it’s on you to behave well, be on time, and get things done with no exceptions. In contrast, being homeschooled could cause you to get distracted more easily and be tempted to put things off.

    It’s important to have a strict structure when you’re young so in the future you can be successful in college and in the job you hope to pursue. That’s just how life is. There’s expectations, deadlines, rules and collaboration.

    The way we best understand how to solve a conflict is with learning from our mistakes. Experiences in school, like getting embarrassed in front of the class for doing something wrong, stick with you. It teaches you consequences for your actions.  

     Not only is it important to be disciplined from your parents, but also from those who you don’t necessarily have a relation with. It’s important to know how to take orders from people in certain situations that you don’t know, but that you’re expected to listen to without opposition: like your boss at a new job.

    It’s not that homeschooled kids don’t possess the same qualities mainstreamed students do, it’s that going to school is the best way for them to understand rules, interact with others, and gain time management skills. Kids who stay at home for their schooling don’t have the same experiences that they can apply to their daily lives.


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