The Field Day frenzy never ends


Moments with Mags                   Opinion By J1 Reporter Maggie Timmerman


It is 122 days away. 122 days until your class’s peak of the school year or your class’s downfall. 122 days until you put on an amazing show, or you have to make memes to make up for your demo. Once winter finals are over, the only thing I will be able to think about is Field Day. Walls Night, Demo practice, costume making, and Field Night are all thoughts that make me want to jump out of bed and start writing songs. The most important thought in my mind though, is who the Field Day champion will be.

Let’s examine the playing field. I would love to say the juniors have a huge chance. We started out our time here with the smash hit of Freshmen Fresh Off the Press. Last year though we really took things in the opposite direction and landed at the bottom of the ocean with Sophomores Set Sail. It seemed impossible that we would ever recover from that, but look where we are with a Walk-a-Thon victory in our pockets. The luck we have going for us will not stop until we reach Field Day victory.

I don’t want to get too confident about a victory rolling our way when there are so many powerful odds in front of and behind us. The Class of 2019 has been nothing but perfect since walking through the doors of Marian. With marvelous execution of all three of their themes- Freshmen Fastball, Sophomore Scuba, and Junior 500- they are practically set for a clean victory. They seem impossible to defeat, but the juniors are quickly gaining strength.

Another strong odd-numbered class is 2021. With a third place finish as freshmen, the only thing that could stop them is Soph Slump. They seem impossible to slow down. With the most beautiful mascot I have ever seen (sorry Litney Spears), they cannot be taken out of the running. They know their amazing strengths or class unity and spirit, and we will see what another year of working together brings for them.

 The final class that we of course can’t forget is the sweet freshmen. Even though they were defeated in Walk-a-Thon, class elections have given them some new spirit. I have high hopes that the freshmen are going to make a huge splash at Field Day. This being said, I don’t think that they are going to take the victory just yet.

With Field Day this year there is no telling who the clear winner is. My bets are going on the juniors though. I have to stay loyal to my class. I am not saying we can get too confident, as confidence often gets the best of people. We just have to keep going with our kind, energetic spirit and the rest will work out.

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