High school students need to take a break (sometimes)

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Weindel Tells by J1 Reviewer Lily Weindel

I have been on this planet for 17 long years, and within those 17 years, I have met people who consider themselves older and wiser than me. The favorite thing to do when you’re older and wiser is to give advice to those who are seemingly young and inexperienced. Out of the piles of advice I’ve received, never have I once heard, “Y’know? I wish I took things more seriously in life. I regret taking time for myself and enjoying my life!” But more often than not, we hear people say that you need to enjoy high school and not put too much pressure on yourself— but nobody truly takes that advice, including myself—  but we take the aforementioned one, which, doesn’t exist?

Yes, high school is an important time in your life, but it’s not the ONLY time in your life that matters. Everyone seems to reduce themselves to their GPA or their two digit ACT score, but, shockingly, you’re a lot more than your 3.6 and 27. Not every decision you make is going to alter the course of your life, so stop treating everything like it will! Sometimes you need to kick your feet up, crack open a Capri-Sun, and tell yourself that it’s all okay. Getting that horrific B- on your physics quiz will not kill you, I promise.

 In middle school, my hobbies were ballet and playing copious amounts of Legends of Zelda in my friend’s basement, but I would often cut those short. I started skipping jazz class to study for pre-algebra and leaving my friend and I’s game of Mario Kart early to get ahead on Shakespeare. I now realize I did not need to be cutting into my dance and video game time to study that much as a 13 year old, and that lessons carries on now. Throughout junior year (which apparently is the most horrific year of high school) I try my hardest, but also realize that everything isn’t too serious right now, but convincing myself this has proved to be difficult. We seem to take everything as some monumental occurrence in high school because it just seems like some pathway to our dream college – but life right now isn’t just preparing for the future. It’s simply about what you are doing now.

I’m not saying to slack off in your studies and stop trying, but put things in perspective when you don’t make what you apply for, don’t ace a test, or miss a deadline. It’s not a good thing, but it doesn’t mean the world is ending. It just means to try again harder. Find a balance between academic stress and fun – enjoy the moments but still work hard. Life isn’t too serious after all, so try your best, succeed in school, but most importantly realize: it’s not always that deep.


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