Lack of funds may mean lack of opportunity

Messages from Maggie by J1 Reporter Maggie Peklo

School should be the central element of equality in society. Everyone has to complete 10 grades of schooling. Everyone is a given a chance. Kind of. From what I have seen, public schools in lower income parts of Omaha go underfunded, and the school a few districts over in the higher income, wealthy neighborhood is constantly improving its arts, sports, and educational programs.

Due to government funding and budgets, public schools are often underfunded, but the schools in lower income neighborhoods receive the least amount of funding. Public schools are funded on taxes paid by the district they are in, so those in lower income districts receive less funds. This results in the lack of opportunity for those in lower income districts, especially minorities such as African Americans and those of Mexican or Latino descent.

Many of my Omaha Public School friends always seem to be at least a semester behind, and they always seem to just be hitting the big points in the curriculum. Is it because my private school is better, or is it because their public schools lack funds? They attend schools which have the biggest populations, but they are frequently missing out on opportunities I receive often such as new books, field trip opportunities, and new technology. Going to private schools, it is made known to everyone that whatever big donors want, big donors will have like changes to curriculum, staff, and facilities. In public schools, those big donors are the citizens who live in the district and pay taxes. Those “big donors” vote whether or not they will continue to underfund the schools they should support.

Education as the epitome of equality needs to have more of an importance when in it comes to budget cuts and taxes. According to the Center of American Progress, schools in high poverty districts continue to have less access to core academic opportunities that guarantee more success. They also said the key problem is how the money is used. The money needs to be used in a way that ensures curriculum growth and quality education. The Center of American Progress said money is essential for academic success in students.

Public schools need more funding to provide increased and better opportunities. Public schools also need fair funding. The public schools that receive less funds need more to level the playing field. This will give a chance to the kids who don’t normally have opportunities to constantly improve.

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