Life is What Happens When You Put Your Phone Down


Listen to Lauren      Opinion by J1 Reporter Lauren Shotkoski

Within five seconds of leaving your house I guarantee you will see someone (or everyone) with a phone.  I constantly see people texting at the stoplight next to me or a whole table full of people silenced by the screens in front of them.  Even toddlers are opting for iPads and tablets over Barbies and Legos.

Technology has taken over the world, causing people to substitute actual experiences for virtual ones.  In return, the unrealistic lives we see online are only perfect on the surface and affecting how we view our own lives. Comparison is the thief of happiness, and constantly connecting to a screen to be shown images of false reality will make you insecure about the situation your actually living.  

Over the years relationships that last have become more scarce, and a teenagers’ version of dating includes being on the phone most of the time.  Phones and technology will never be able to deliver the same emotions and experiences actual life can give you. It’s no wonder depression rates and mental health disorders have gone up.  

When we see unrealistic images of people living perfect lives, it makes us question our own and try to alter ours to match theirs. In reality those people are not living stress free, perfect lives.  They struggle just like us, but who’s going to post a picture of them crying and expect people to follow. It’s all for show, social media is a contest. When we enter that contest it begins to control our lives and in return it’s almost like we’re stuck and can’t drop out.  

Disconnecting from our devices is like an alcoholic trying to stay sober, but harder. Screens are practically forced on us, even schools require them, it’s just a matter of limiting that screen time that would make the world a much happier place.


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