Local coffee shop inspires bicycling

Jolie Peal

The vibe of Marian throughout second semester always seems to be stress, Surprise Day conspiracies and more stress. A fantastic way to combat this amount of stress is finding a study spot that inspires productivity. One great place sits only five minutes away from our school’s parking lot.

Omaha Bicycle and Coffee Company at 6015 Maple St. has a chill atmosphere that makes studying in sweatpants an exciting event. The bicycles hanging throughout the store give students an unique vibe for studying. On top of the eye-catching environment, their menu is full of delicious store-made items.

I ordered their classic Black Squirrel latte, which has a mixture of mocha and hazelnut, and a cinnamon roll, which also comes in a vegan option. The latte was not sweet enough for my taste, but it did satisfy my need for caffeine. However, the cinnamon roll blew my taste buds out of the water. It was perfectly glazed and was the sweet treat I needed to make it through the rest of the day.

Overall, this snack cost $8. The latte was only eight ounces, which leads me to question if the price of around $4 was really worth it. However, the $4 cinnamon roll made all the difference. Any Marian girl would be able to enjoy a quiet study with free wifi at Omaha Bicycle and Coffee Company.

On top of having great coffee and pastries, the store is a bike shop as well. They host weekly group bike rides to inspire community and a fun biking atmosphere. The rides vary from relaxing to intense and in between. Any bicycle-enthusiast would be able to enjoy a ride. From bicycles to coffee, the Omaha Bicycle Coffee Company provides it all.

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