Anime isn’t weird, believe it

Dianna’s Deduction by J1 Reporter Dianna Sledge

         A young boy, hated by all, dreams of becoming the leader of his village. He sets out on many missions and battles fate to train as a ninja and hopefully someday achieve his dreams. Sounds cool right? What I just explained… is the plot of Naruto.

         Listen up Americans and Weeaboos, anime is like any other animated tv show. It’s just a Japanese cartoon. The main difference between animes and other tv shows is the language, and they have English dubbed versions of almost every anime. There’s also the fact that it’s animated, but other than that, there’s really no variation. Like American TV shows, animes have creative plot lines and relatable characters. So what is so wrong with anime?

         The problem isn’t that it’s an animated show- because there are so many animated American shows for adults- but I think it’s that Americans are sometimes close-minded. Once they hear Japanese instead of English they want it gone; the same goes for K-pop, when they hear a language that isn’t theirs, they turn it off.

         Some people think that all animes have weird topics, but if you do a little digging, there’s something for everyone. You want ninjas? We got ninjas. You want sports? We got ‘em. Music? Done. Some animes are good and some are absolute garbage. There’s an anime for almost anything you could want. One of my favorites is Naruto- the one about ninjas- because it’s an action packed series full of likable and hilarious characters. 

         I love anime. It’s not weird. I think it’s just another way to enjoy a story.

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