Ellie Expands Experiences

Kaitlyn Rosenbaum

Ellie Kripal’s interests are far from few. As a sophomore, her involvement is already stretched wide across the board with participation in Burn Magazine, the Cross Country team, art classes, the Debate Team, the Track team and Mock Trial. “I would describe myself as very involved on the leader side; I’m independent, and I take things into my own hands,” she said.

Kripal hasn’t always identified herself as an artist. However, her new love for art sprouted towards the end of her eighth grade year, going into her freshman year at Marian. “I always was making stuff and doing crafts but nothing too serious until the summer before freshman year,” she said. Kripal is currently in Art II where she confidently says that her skills have developed.


Kripal is inspired most by Instagram artist Visothkakvei, known for simplistic but intricate pen drawings. Her artwork reflects this style, as the majority of her drawings are in pen. As a member of the Burn Magazine staff, Kripal submitted work to the anonymous selection process. To her surprise, her intricate pen-drawn face full of flowers, “Creation of Woman,” was chosen by the staff for inclusion in the fall magazine. Kripal says she wants to delve into more three-dimensional art and possibly take sculpture in her time at Marian.  

Kripal is also active in the newly formed Debate team. She joined the team because she loves deliberating with others. She was inspired to join the team through her freshman Composition and Literature class. When prompted by Ms. Halli Tripe about whether Martin Luther King Jr. would have used social media during his time. “I think he would use whatever was open to him to get his message across,” Kripal said. This initial debate experience excited Kripal to take on this new challenge. She competes in Congressional Debate as a Senator, where competitors draft and vote on bills. She feels a sense of accomplishment and pride when she makes a good argument for a competition.

While all of these activities keep Kripal plenty busy, she wishes that she could join more activities and clubs. She said, “I hope to join the rowing team, which won’t happen until next year, Knitting Club if it ever comes back and Marian Student Union.” In her time at Marian, she also hopes to take more art classes to expand her skills and experiment with different mediums.

While her involvement will prepare Kripal for anything she takes on in her future, she hopes to specialize in art, possibly going to art school to gain even more experience. She said, “I am inspired to make art from the feeling you get when you finish a piece and how much you have grown.” At the core, Kripal does many activities for her own enjoyment, but she feels it inspires other people to become interested in or even join the things that she is involved in, as well. 


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