It’s another day of sparkles for Momentum Show Choir

by Maria Alessandro

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Girls twirl on stage, and before anyone knows it, 24 outfits have changed. Show choir is much more than just singing and a bit of movement — the production and the storylines that are produced are intricate and magical.

Show choir is relatively new at Marian – as it’s only their fourth year – but the numbers continue to grow as girls discover the world of singing and dancing for competition with choir teacher Ms. Lauren Morrissey as the director. “Competition season is my favorite. I’ve been thinking about the show for almost a year and it’s great to finally see their costumes and the band come together,” Morrissey said. Marian’s show choir, also known as Marian Momentum, dances were taught by an official choreographer named Melanie Walters, and then Miss Delisi helped the girls touch up their moves back in August. Besides the coaches and the girls on stage, show choir also has band members. Mr. Tim DiBlasi, Marian’s accompanest for the fine arts, plays for Marian’s show choir competitions, along with junior Emma Johnson on the bass and Nick Swoboda on the drums.

For most show choir shows, performances have either a specific theme or plot line. Momentum’s theme this year is “Brand New Day,” where they perform five songs, including a ballad, all relating to the theme. Morrissey had been developing the theme and songs since last March. The songs tell of new beginnings and the hopes life has to offer, which makes the performance appear magical and exciting.“I am most excited to perform the song, ‘It’s Another Day of Sun’ because it’s from the movie ‘La La Land,’” sophomore Sydnee Baysa said. 

Baysa has been a part of Marian Momentum for two years and enjoys the friendships that she has made. “My favorite part [of show choir] is being able to bond with my peers from different grades,” Baysa said. Although show choir also involves dancing, Baysa proves that a dancing background isn’t needed to be a part of show choir. “I am not the best dancer, but sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it. In the end, I just have fun with it and then it looks good,” Baysa said.

Besides the singing and dancing, Marian Momentum has costume changes mid-performance with sparkly dresses that many love. “My favorite [costume] is our second costume, which is a sequin dress with a magenta color fading into navy,” Baysa said. 

In addition to the quick costume changes that many show choirs do, it is also customary for the teams to have identical tights, shoes, earrings, makeup and hairstyle. Judges at show choir competitions differ, but they typically look for the costumes to fit in well with the theme of the performance. 

In order to have the multiple outfits, members of Momentum have to pay a fee. For new members it is $250 and for returning members it is $200. The extra $50 covers the shoes and accessories that returning members already have.

The show choir had its first performance during Preview Night on Jan. 7, and their first official competition on Jan. 12 at Papillion-La Vista South, where they placed third. Marian Momentum competes in the all girls division. There are three divisions at a typical show choir competition: the Prep Division, Single-Gender Division, and the Mixed Division. Momentum also did a mini performance for attendees of Light Night on Jan. 13.

Coming up, Momentum has a B.O.S.S. point event at Skutt Catholic High School on Monday, Feb. 18 when Marian has a day off from school and they will be performing at 2:45. 

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