Elective classes not to be missed

Caroline Drew

As juniors and seniors, Marian students have the opportunity to take more electives than ever before. Amid the overwhelming options, here are some single-semester classes that come highly recommended by recent senior classes, as well as the current senior class—and for good reasons.

Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies focuses on the history, or her-story, of women, specifically the women’s rights movement and how it remains relevant to the world today. The class primarily uses film and discussion to relay the information that is so often ignored in your typical history class.

I think the class discussions were the most important aspect of this class because they really helped me to see the issues that are still prevalent in the world today. Talking about these gender-related issues with other women opens your eyes to changes we need to make in the world…As an all-girls school, this class really shows how we can carry out our mission statement and become confident, independent, thinking leaders.” -Katie Krager, senior.

International Issues

International Issues introduces girls to reliable sources for international news and uses class discussion to encourage awareness of world events. Students who take this class gain a new understanding of global conflicts and interactions as well as empathy for all people. Mrs. Katy Salzman, who teaches the class, previously worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and lends a unique and experienced view to this class’s curriculum.

“You truly get to learn so much about the world and hear about conflicts we had no idea were occurring. What impacted me most was looking into the lives of the people we were hearing about. It’s easy to read about something and feel no connection, but once you look into the lives of people who are affected by this, you are changed.” – Avery Streeter, senior

Honors Independent Research

In Honors Independent Research, students research a topic of their choice for a semester. This research culminates in a lengthy, APA formatted paper and an 8 to 11-minute presentation. Students not only learn to write using APA style and give articulate presentations but also receive lessons on “fuzzy math” and experience a one-of-a-kind teaching style from the class’s co-teachers: Dr. Sharon Genoways and Mr. Tom Baker. Alumni commonly say this class helps prepare them to write and prepare research papers and projects in college.

“In the past, I haven’t really known how to do research papers and projects; I just don’t know where to start. It was really nice to be able to sit down with Mr. Baker and Dr. Genoways one-on-one and learn how to write a good paper, especially in APA style.” Jessica Robinson, senior


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