Bonds beyond the backseat – Senior carpool shares rides and memories

Joey Carollo

A few snooze buttons later, your 6:45 alarm goes off, and you know you can’t possibly procrastinate any longer. You reluctantly drag yourself out of your warm, safe sheets and manage to put on your uniform and get ready for school. You only slept for about four or five hours last night and are dreading the day ahead of you. Suddenly, you get that message: ”here!” You can’t help but smile and get excited for the 20-minute drive to school.

For seniors Chloe Ferrara, Gillian Hinrichs and Abby Winkelbauer this is how most of their mornings start off. The three seniors began carpooling just this year, and their bond is already unbreakable. “The carpool was pretty last minute, but it’s so much more fun than driving to school alone,” Ferrara said.

The three carpool as often as they can and all agree that their 20-minute drive makes their day that much better. “Carpool is probably my favorite part of my day because we just have a good time and are constantly together,” Winkelbauer said.

The carpool’s bond isn’t confined between Military Avenue and 72nd Street, and the three have even discussed getting matching tattoos once they are all 18 and graduate from Marian. On Dec. 7, after school for Ferrara’s birthday, the carpool trio got the next best thing: their cartilages pierced together.


Tattoos and piercings aren’t the only milestones these three have conquered together. On Election Day, Nov. 6 the carpool drove Hinrichs to the voting booth for her first election, since she was the only 18-year-old at the time. All three agreed that this was one of their favorite memories as a carpool because of how proud they were of Hinrichs.

Just like every carpool, they have plenty of favorites and traditions. When asked their favorite songs to jam to they agreed on either “Speechless” by Dan & Shay or “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes, especially when they need an extra wake up call. Their favorite coffee stop is Dunkin’ Donuts, and their set coffee days are Mondays and Fridays but most of the time, they end up grabbing a cup of joe every day.

Along with the jokes, coffees and jam sessions, these three have created a bond over one semester. “Before carpooling with Gillian and Chloe, we weren’t really all that close. We knew of each other, but didn’t even talk that much and ever since then, I know I can count on them for anything,” Winkelbauer said.  

The three said leaving for college will be difficult, and they wish they would have started the 7 a.m. tradition earlier in their time at Marian. Following graduation, Hinrichs and Ferrara plan to be college roommates at the University of Kansas and are already planning visits to Drake University to see their third carpool member, Winkelbauer.

“It’s really going to be tough when we won’t be able to carpool next year, but I have no doubt that we will still be friends after we leave Marian,” Hinrichs said.


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