Snow day decisions effect more than students

Jolie Peal

The Omaha metro area glistened with ice and snow as students rejoiced from another snow day announcement. On Feb. 25, Omaha schools announced their fifth snow day this year. Snow days are welcomed by many, students and even some teachers, but too many can cause difficulties as well. In Omaha, the varying districts and school systems all have separate snow day policies, but all are coming close to their maximum amount of snow days they would like to have.

Students are often confused as to who is going to call the snow day for Marian—is it the Archdiocese, or do we follow Omaha Public Schools (OPS)? “We [Marian] follow the Archdiocesan Catholic School Office, and they follow OPS 99.5 percent of the time. So, most of the time when they cancel, we do too,” Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan said. Technically, if the Archdiocese was having school on Monday, Marian still would’ve cancelled due to the fact that the heat was not working.

February is the time of year that many students want snow days. The drab winter weather right before spring is not the most ideal. Unfortunately, the strong desire for school to get cancelled can sometimes get out of hand. Sullivan’s stress on Feb. 25 stemmed from the Freshman Registration that was supposed to take place that day. “My phone was blowing up on Monday with emails and texts, trying to get registration figured out,” Sullivan said. Getting all the messages from people demanding a snow day does not normally help the situation. “Patience is the key for student and parents in regards to snow days,” Sullivan said.

Patience is also a virtue that is needed when driving on snow days. While staying in is recommended, some cannot avoid going out on their snow day. Casey Fenton ’20 got stuck seven times driving on Blondo street. “I actually got stuck more than seven times but I wasn’t counting that much, I was totally panicking. I also got stuck near 90th and dodge going up that hill, and it was probably the scariest thing that I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was getting stuck and there were cars everywhere just sliding all over the place,” Fenton said.

While Fenton did attempt driving this past snow day, her go-to snow day activity is indoors. “My favorite go-to activity would be staying inside, covered in blankets watching Hulu,” Fenton said.  Most students also enjoy catching up on sleep and homework during their snow days.

Missing school because of the weather is often stressful for people in administration, such as Sullivan, but she still enjoys having a day off. “ I’m not gonna lie; I’m still a teacher at heart and teachers love snow days. Snow days are always welcome especially in February because February is a tough month,” Sullivan said. Sullivan is no different than students on a snow day. She uses some of her time productively to catch up on emails but makes sure to balance it out with her fair share of Netflix; she does a little bit of everything.


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