The addition the uniform needs: sweatshirts

By J1 Reporter Sarah Cronin

The only truly unifying aspect of the diverse and differentiating Marian population is the blue plaid skirt or skort students don every day. Along with the skirt comes options of blue polos, black sweaters and grey cardigans. But is there more that could be added to the array of tops worn by Marian girls? When recently asked in a Marian Network issued survey, students had one common and resounding answer: sweatshirts. Although there were a few odd answers asking for accessories like neckties or knee length socks, it was a nearly a universal agreement that Marian needs to add sweatshirts as a uniform option.

In contrast to other uniform options, sweatshirts are made from a soft, breathable and comfortable material and is quite light. It also doesn’t have a collar, which makes it a much more cozier item to throw on every morning. The lack of a collar would make it easy to layer over polos. While the uniform policy does allow quarter zips, they aren’t as popular because a polo is required to be worn under them anyway.

mhs sweatshirt
The official uniform 1/4 zip available at the Marian BLUEtique for $41  Click here to see more detail…

Due to Marian’s fluctuating classroom temperatures, they would be a great item to bring on a daily basis.

Marian is one of the few uniform-wearing high schools in Omaha that doesn’t allow sweatshirts. But some schools have other interesting variations of their uniforms that Marian doesn’t use. Duchesne Academy makes black sweaters available only to juniors and seniors. Seniors are also identifiable because of the grey polos that they sport compared to the rest of the school’s white polos. Mercy High School allows sweatshirts, but only with a contrasting color polo underneath it: a gray polo with a navy sweatshirt, or a navy polo with a gray sweatshirt. Skutt Catholic allows not only crew neck sweatshirts, but also hooded sweatshirts as a part of their uniform. Roncalli Catholic also allows both  sweatshirts and quarter zips.

If Marian was not to allow sweatshirts for all grades, maybe administrators could allow them as a special privilege for upperclassmen. But for those who feel passionately about sweatshirts, make suggestions to Student Board members: they’re the key to uniform changes.

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