Don’t follow the standards

Opinion by J1 reporter Maya Reed

“I didn’t eat today.” “I’m on diet.” “I’m starving, but I’m losing weight, so it’s fine.”

There are millions of girls who look at themselves in the mirror and don’t like what they see. “From the age of 11 or 12, many girls start to worry intensely about their appearance and perceive pressure to be thin,” says an article from The Guardian. Society has taught girls to live up to these ridiculous standards— you have to be skinny, you need makeup, you should work out, don’t eat that, don’t wear that, too short, too long, natural is not beautiful. Somehow girls have accepted that in order to be loved, we have to meet certain requirements.

There are so many girls who constantly check themselves in the mirror, they look at their stomach, check their hair, and make sure that they look “acceptable” for society.

It’s upsetting that we have to tell each other to LEARN how to love ourselves. Our body image shouldn’t be so damaged to the point where we have to acquire love for ourselves. I can’t count how many times I have stayed up talking to a friend about self image. Sending long paragraphs back and forth. Talking about the things they see as “wrong” with their bodies. Some girls even say, “Who could ever love me,” or “I don’t even love myself.”

We, as confident beautiful girls, can not think like this anymore. All the self-hate, the self-deprecation and body shaming needs to stop. Let’s look in the mirror and see beautiful girls with even better personalities.

Saying negative things about yourself does nothing but hurt you, so why do we listen to such negative self talk, instead of accepting who we are? I refuse to let the standards keep me from eating potato chips or cookies whenever I want. I’m not saying you can’t be healthy or work out, those are all great things you should do. However don’t let society’s standards keep you from loving yourself.

No matter how you look, you are not flawed, you are beautiful, courageous and empowered. Live life like you own it!


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