GoYogi: helpful or a waste of time?

By JI Reporter Chloe Degan

There’s no doubt that high school is difficult. Students are struggling to finish assignments, meet due dates on time, keep grades as high as possible, while also trying to balance a social life and extracurriculars, such as clubs and sports. For the majority, there’s not much time in the day for relaxing or down time. That is, until this year, when Marian introduced the “GoYogi” program to students and faculty.

The GoYogi program is used to calm students. It is played over the loudspeaker and consists of a three minute meditation in the morning before the first class starts. This meditation is meant to relax students, and give them some time to think and reflect before they take on the day.

The program has had a wide range of reactions among students. Some girls thrive with the morning meditations. “It’s a nice way to start the day all collected and calm,” junior Kate Jensen said.

Some students have said it’s helped them stay awake in their morning classes. “It made me pay more attention in my first class,” freshman Anna Schmidt said.

The program has several positives to it and many girls have found it a huge success and a great opportunity to decompress.yogi

However, there are others that have found it not so helpful and view it as an excuse for people to sleep. “I think it’s more of a distraction in the morning that actually makes it harder for me to focus in class because everyone just puts their heads down and sleeps. So taking that little ‘break’ makes me extremely tired and it’s harder for me to engage in class,” junior Emma McClellan said.

Students have also mentioned that it takes away from valuable class time that could be used for learning. In addition, there have been complaints that the meditation takes up time that could be spent taking a test.

It can be difficult to find time to relax, and to just take a mental break. “GoYogi” encourages students to stop stressing for a moment and to just breathe. The fate for “GoYogi” in future years is still unknown. “Im very hopeful that it returns, but at this time I’m not sure,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Christen.

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