Working in high school: why you should do it

Opinion by J1 Reporter Libby Schimonitz

A brand new phone, new clothes for every season, and the trendiest food. What do those three things have in common? The answer is simple, they all require money. Do you want to buy those fancy new shoes, or do you want to go see your favorite artist in concert? That shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you’re able to come up with the money to pay for it all.

However, as almost everything costs money nowadays, this poses an issue for the large amount of high schoolers who do not work and rely on their parents to take care of all their financial needs. Meanwhile, the students who work hard to make their own money are able to save up and spend it in the ways they want to, without the guilt of constantly taking money from their parents.

That’s not to even mention those of us students who must work countless hours a week in order to maintain their Marian tuition, and of course save up for college. While spending money is a huge incentive for most high schoolers to simply apply for a job, many students have no other option but to work. Sports and extracurriculars aside, these students must carve out work hours and learn to balance their time in significant ways.DSC_0046

Most high schoolers would argue that it is difficult to balance having a job and going to school, along with the added stress of maintaining friendships and a social life. Yet, those students who do work confirm that they are still able to keep up with school work, stay up to date with their friends all while working a steady job. As an example, I work every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to around 3 p.m. and I am no longer fazed by early mornings because of the fact that I’m surrounded by some of my favorite people during the day and still have plenty of free time during afternoons and nights. Working only on the weekends allows me to put all of my focus on school Monday through Friday, and focus on spending time with friends every day of the week.

Although, there is always the possibility to get a job where the hours aren’t as flexible, and the boss isn’t very understanding towards school obligations. That kind of case is where you need to work with what you’ve got, and learn how to troubleshoot with balancing hectic schedules and hanging out with friends.

While the additional money in the bank account is a huge positive for getting a job, the place where people work is not just a place for putting the blinders on and doing your job all the time. The workplace is also a place for socializing, making new friends, learning and advancing social skills. Depending on the job, it is inevitable that workers will enhance their own social skills. The workplace exposes students to situations in which they will be forced to utilize the skills they’ve learned, whether they be from home, school or other jobs, in a completely different environment.

As high schoolers work and expand their career horizons, they gain experience that will add to resumes, making it easier to get jobs in the future. These workers can build up background knowledge about different career paths, this gives a good idea to what you do or don’t want to do with your future.

Starting to work in high school will only benefit you. Without the need to piggyback off of parents, you will grow more and more independent. You will meet and interact with new people, gaining friends and social skills, along with learning more about yourself and the environments around you.

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