High schoolers should not have a job

By J1 Reporter Emori Hamilton

After being at school for seven hours a day, five days a week, coming home to do another few hours of government or math homework is a heavy workload. Being involved in a sport or other extracurricular activities, like clubs or volunteering, is encouraged by parents and teachers, but just adds to the work. Additionally, teenagers need to socialize with their friends. Socializing shapes teenagers and make us into the people we are. Adding a job on top of all of that seems impossible. Most teenagers don’t want to work during the school weeks, and they shouldn’t.

Working during the school week isn’t for everyone. You have to be dedicated to your job, but also find time to sit in your high school student section, or go to Starbucks with your friends after school. Time management is a skill that teens must master to be able to have a job during the school week.

Having worked almost every day after school in the first semester, I understand why many high schoolers do not want jobs. After a long day at school, teens just want to go home and relax. It leaves little time for other activities. You have the rest of your life to work, so don’t rush it.

The pressure that people put on teenagers can cause stress and anxiety. Parents shouldn’t make their child get a job during the school year, but if they’re involved in a sport or extra circular it could count as their job. If so, have them work during the summers when they have more time, and no school to worry about. It depends on the family, and their income to make the decision of whether or not their child should have a job.




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