Students make blankets for UNMC cancer patients


Students from Mrs. Linda Brock and Mrs. Sue Altman’s classes gathered during the week of March 11 to make 223 colorful fleece tie blankets for UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) cancer patients of all ages. These patients undergo many hours of treatment and chemotherapy, making the need for a warm, comfort item, like a blanket.

As 12 class periods came together to make these, they formed a unique bond. “My favorite part was working with classmates to make something so meaningful,” senior Abby Maroney said. The girls made many memories through something as simple as a tie-blanket.

Working Together • Mia Esparrago ‘19, Madison Bezousek ‘19, Elaina Sperry ‘19, Mackenzie Kilton ‘19 and Caroline Drew ‘19 help make blankets during Mrs. Linda Brock’s Block D anatomy class. The lion blanket pictured above was just one of more than 200 blankets made. Photo courtesy of  Mrs. Sue Altman.

However, the impact they made will live longer than the memories. “I’m happy that I get to make an impact with such a little object, and I know that I don’t have to question if it will make their day,” junior Claudia Archer said.

The blankets were delivered to UNMC patients on March 29. This was the second year for this project and there are high hopes to make more blankets next year.

The girls hope these blankets will bring joy, happiness and peace to the patients. “I hope that by seeing the blankets they have a sense of hope or a least they will know that people are thinking and praying for them,” Maroney said.

Many students expressed that they will keep this experience with them throughout life. They have joy in their hearts knowing they accomplished something and gave back to those who need our love and support. “It feels good knowing that someone will benefit from this,” sophomore Emily Salzman said.

For more information about how to help, visit UNMC’s website,, or talk to any student involved. For more prayers, visit the Campus Ministry room or the Servite Chapel to add a name to the Peregrine book for someone suffering from cancer. The Peregrine book is used to write petitions of healing for those who are sick, but especially those who are suffering from cancer. Please keep all of those who are suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment in your prayers.

group blanketweb
Blanket Brigade • Smiles line the gym as students from all of Mrs. Linda Brock and Mrs. Sue Altman’s classes gather to present their finished blankets. The girls enjoyed making them and cannot wait to make them again next year. Photo by Anna Feldman.

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