Flooding devastation impacts Nebraska, members of the Marian community

By IMG_9756webMaggieChurilla

Living in Nebraska has its perks, but it also has its inconveniences. During the harsh winter months, residents of the Midwest got to enjoy, or more so dread dreary weather and snow- lots of it. As the sun started to shine and the temperature increased, the snow and ice covering most of the Great Plains began to melt rapidly.

As Nebraskans had began to prepare for the arrival spring, none expected to prepare for anymore extreme weather conditions. Starting around March 11, the water previously frozen began to flow through the streets and plains of many rural Nebraska areas. Spencer’s Dam, which stood strong for 92 years, collapsed. This has caused Lincoln resident’s more conflict than expected. Omaha was not necessarily impacted, but many surrounding locations and cities were negatively impacted due to the flooding.

Many students, teachers, and families from the Marian community were among those affected.

Senior Izza Imran discussed how her and her family were separated from her dad for a period of time. Mr. Imran works as a cardiologist out of Norfolk and commutes back and forth from Omaha. When the weather took a turn and roads began to close, Imran realized his usual two hour route home would turn into a week plus stay in Norfolk.

Senior Mia McGrath also had family members affected. She explained specifics on how her aunt and uncle were affected.

IMG_1594 web
Muddy Mess • Washed up mud and cornstalks cover the yards of several homes in Western Nebraska. Photos courtesy of Mia McGrath ‘19.

“They were without running water and power for four days. The only road in and out of their neighborhood was washed away by the flooding.”

In addition to this, they had no access to anything outside of their neighborhood for three days. Then for three days following that, they only could leave the neighborhood via air-boat or helicopter.

A few teachers also ran into some problems due to the flooding. This happened at the start of parent-teacher conferences on March 14. If they would not have left when they did, the roads leading to their homes would have been closed, separating them from their families.

Many members of the Omaha community have come together to support those negatively affected by the flooding. By donating cleaning supplies, clothing, blankets, clean water, and canned goods to local churches and shelters, Nebraska came together and started to rebuild. Campus Ministry held a collection to assist The Salvation Army services.

Senior Retreat was also moved from the Gene Eppley camp to a local church because of flooding damage.

Looking to donate? Here’s a list of local groups still accepting donations.

– American Red Cross of
Nebraska and Southwest Iowa

– The Salvation Army (Omaha & Council Bluffs locations)

– Nebraska Humane Society

– Nebraska Farm Bureau

– Nebraska Cattlemen

– Offutt Air Force Base

– Mills County Emergency Management

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