Junior greets golf fans at Masters Tournament at Augusta

By Maria Alessandro

 Junior Meredith Forster was granted the opportunity to work as a greeter for the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament, which took place from April 11 – 14. Forster was there for the whole tournament, which meant she had to miss Field Day. 

“I was sad about missing Field Day, but I was so busy at the Masters that I actually forgot about the Field Day festivities,” Forster said.

The Masters tournament took place at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Forster was able to snag this position from the reference of her cousin, and then she applied online. “I felt like it was an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t miss,” Forster said. 

Forster’s official position was a greeter at South Village Pro Shop. She greeted people, handed out shopping bags and helped people around the store. 

The Masters Tournament is the most famous golf tournament in the United States where the best of the best golfers compete against each other in the invitational. The tournament is held in the same place every year and has been since the beginning in 1934. 

Since its creation, the tournament has brought large crowds and celebrities such as Condoleezza Rice, Mark Wahlberg and Niall Horan.

While she was at the tournament, Forster was able to create new and unique memories. The event was an experience that doesn’t come to many people and Forster hopes to return next year. “I met a lot of really cool life-long friends there. I hope to return next year and the years following!” Forster said.

Masters colorWEB
 Meredith’s Moments at the Masters• Meredith Forster ‘20 
(middle) poses with cousins Elizabeth and Braxton at the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament. Forster volunteered to work at the tournament in April and helped at one of the golf pro-shops. Photo courtesy of Meredith Forster.

While Forster was working behind the scenes, on the green Tiger Woods ended up winning the Masters tournament. Woods shot a 3 under (69) to secure his fifth jacket at the coveted tournament.

“When Woods won, you could hear the crowd yelling from inside the golf shop. It was crazy. It literally shook the building,” Forster said. “It was an amazing atmosphere, and everyone was positive and excited to be there.”

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