Campus Construction Continues

By Caroline Drew

With all students out of the way as of May 22, construction on heavily-used areas can  begin in earnest. One of the biggest projects is expected to be the renovation of the current library. By August the library will be transformed into the new Business and Advancement offices. Throughout the school, the network of hallways and stairwells will be remodeled and carpeted. Another large project that will be underway this summer is the renovation of the kitchen and adjoining cafeteria. According to Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs, who oversees construction, the kitchen is promised to receive new appliances “that will not only expand preparation capabilities but will also fit all kitchen permit requirements,” Rohlfs said. The offices which serve President Higgins, Campus Ministry and the Alum and Events Director will also be renovated.



September 2018 •  (Upper left photo) Workers pour concrete into the foundations of the new entrance. With classroom renovations complete, this marked the beginning of work on the foundation of Marian’s highly anticipated new entrance. Photo by Taylor Sterba.

November 2018 • (Lower right photo) As developments advance, supplies await use in the construction zone. These beams, bricks and plaster became the entrance over a series of months. Photo by Katelin Kearney.

December 2018 • (Lower left photo) Snow can’t slow them the down. Fortunately, the outer shell of the new entrance was completed before the snow could have hindered or halted progress on the project. Photo by Taylor Sterba.

May 2019 • (Center photo) With sidewalks finished and window panes in place, the new entrance looks almost ready. Construction began in May of 2018. Last week, progress continued as furniture and other items were brought into the space. Photo by Ellie Farner.



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