The freshmen of the staff

MaggiePeklo & OliviaSullivan

The incoming Class of 2023 aren’t the only new people arriving at Marian this year

Mrs. Kris Hennings: Assistant Principal/Dean of Students

Can you explain your title? What are some of your responsibilities? The position usually works directly with the administration team and reports directly to the principal. The day to day duties include dealing with discipline matters, supervision of events, coordinator of clubs and activities, teacher observations and other duties as assigned by the principal.

What are your goals for this year? In my first year at Marian, I’d like to meet and get to know as many students, parents and staff members as possible. I want to learn all the amazing things that make Marian a great place to be.

What do you expect to be different when working at an all-girls school? I expect that the students will be more focused on their learning and that they will exhibit more self-control. I also hope to see students not afraid of getting to know each other and speaking up in class.

When not working, what do you do for fun? I enjoy spending time with my husband, Ted, who teaches history at Creighton Prep, my son, Austin (27) and his wife Cassie, daughter Hannah, (22) and daughter Miranda, (19). Our first grand- child will arrive in October and we are super excited to meet her.

Dr. Renee McGill: American Literature and Honors AP English Literature

What are your goals for this year? My goal for this year is to get a good parking spot, of course, and become a part of a place when you can walk down the hall and greet most of the people you pass by name.


What is like being new at Marian for a second time? I am just as excited as the first time. The building has changed so much over the years and there are lots of new faces, but the heart and spirit of Marian remain the same. It is and always has been a truly unique environment — a very happy, positive place to be.

What are you looking forward to most? I am looking forward to a lot this year: working with engaged students, being part of the Marian mission and seeing some of my favorite teachers from when I was a student, like Mrs. Gelecki, Mr. Baker and Mrs. Delisi in the hallways.

What is one activity you love doing? I love taking walks, especially by a lake or up in the mountains.

Mrs. Stephanie Dickes: Intro to Theater, (Honors) Band, (Honors) Strings, Guitar and Handbells

What are your goals for this year? My goals this year are to become part of the Marian Family, share my passion for music and my faith and encourage excellence.

When did you move to Omaha? I moved here Memorial Day Weekend.

What are you looking forward to most about Marian? I am excited to teach at Marian and am looking forward to starting a guitar class.


What is your favorite music to direct? I enjoy directing various styles of concert music and playing lyrical pop songs and church hymns on flute and piano. However, my favorite music to listen to is the radio’s top 40.

What is your favorite activity? My favorite activity is spending time with my husband, Charlie, and cat, Jack.

New Staff • Back row: Ms. Sarah Greisch, Mr. Eric Thompson, Mrs. Kris Hennings, Mr. Jun Shao. Front row: Dr. Renee McGill, Ms. Ester Hamra, Ms. Stephanie Dickes. Photo by Lily Weindel.

Ms. Sara Greisch: Theology I and III

What are your goals for this year? One of my goals is to help my students develop their relationship with Christ, both inside and outside of the classroom. I hope to challenge and encourage every student that walks through the door of my classroom to always be the best version of herself.

What is it like to return to Marian less than five years after you left? Being able to come back to Marian as I start my career is a dream come true. I grew into the person I am today because of my Marian education. My four older sisters graduated from Marian, so being given the opportunity to “give back” to Marian in this way is a beautiful gift.

What activities did you do when you were in high school? While I was a student at Marian, I played volleyball for a few years and was involved in French Club, Hearts of Marian and was one of the founding members of the Decade Darlings.

When not grading papers or planning for the classroom, what do you do for fun? I enjoy working out, trying new restaurants and coffee shops around town with some of my friends and eating copious amounts of Coneflower Creamery’s ice cream.

Mr. Eric Thompson: Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry

What are your goals for this year? Especially early in the year, my goal is to simply get things figured out. Bigger picture, I would like to be a strong contributor to the math department and basketball program.

What do you expect to be different when teaching at Marian compared to Creighton Prep? I expect the daily lessons and classroom interaction to be a lot different. Not that Prep wasn’t a positive environment, but I expect Marian to have a more upbeat, positive attitude than what I experienced every day at Prep.

What do you like most about teaching math? The breakthroughs students have when they master a concept, especially a difficult one.

What activities did you do when you were in high school? I played basketball, was a Big Brother, and led a few retreats. I also helped a little with OO (Operation Others) during delivery week.

When not grading papers or planning for the classroom, what do you do for fun? Hanging out with my family, listening to music and watching/playing sports.

Ms. Esther Hamra: Art I

What are your goals for this year? My goals for the year are to get to know my way around the school and Omaha, to get to know my students and make some great art!

When did you move to Omaha? First impressions? I moved to Omaha on June 26, 2019. My first impressions of the area are mixed. I came here from Arizona, so the green trees and grass is a welcome change. The humidity is another story.

What is your favorite medium of art to teach? Ceramics/clay/pottery are my favorites, but I love to teach all the art!

What activities did you do when you were in high school? In high school I played and lettered in softball, I played the clarinet in concert band and was part of the color guard in marching band. I was in the Spanish Club, Art Club, Jr. Civitans and helped with Special Olympics.

When not grading papers or planning for the classroom, what do you do for fun? Since I’m a fairly new teacher, I’m actually super excited to grade papers and plan lessons! But, I like working in my new yard and decorating my new home. I also enjoy traveling, going to concerts and dancing to live music.

Mr. Jun Shao: Mandarin I, II and III

What are your goals this year? My greatest goal this year is to get really involved in Marian and help my students improve their language learning abilities. If you would accept me as one of you, I will surely be very happy.

How long have you been in Omaha? I moved here July 29. It is my first year teaching in the States after more than 30 years of teaching. I have taught Chinese in Japan and English in China.


What are you looking forward to most about Marian? I am really excited to just come to Marian and teach in a new environment.

What is your favorite memory from China? All of my students whom I am very proud of.

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