‘White Christmas’ takes the stage


This October, the classic musical White Christmas will be taking the Marian stage. “The music is fabulous and it’s a great story,” Michelle Delisi, assistant director and choreographer, said. She encourages everyone to come see the musical for this reason. Delisi is especially excited for the tap dancing numbers throughout the musical. “I’m excited to showcase the dancers,” Delisi said. “The music is so fun and lively!”

This year’s audition process differed due to the amount of dancing parts needed. Usually each member of the cast is required to audition for all parts of the musical and is judged on vocal music, dance and acting. Cassie Wolf, lead actress in the role of Betty Haynes, describes the implementation of tap dancing as “difficult for me, but it was fun.” Students were also allowed to audition for specifically dancing roles for the production.

Hard at work • Cast members work on choreography at rehearsal. Photo by Chiara Wallen.

Delisi admits that the audition process can be a difficult part of the musical because “Marian is so lucky to have so many talented girls.”

 “We take the job of casting very seriously and look at all [students] for each part” Delisi said, “It’s not an easy task by any means.” This year students from other high schools, including Creighton Prep and Millard West, will star in White Christmas, as well as elementary students who previously starred in Marian’s production of  The Sound of Music.

Now that parts have been assigned, musical preparations are in full swing. Rehearsals have begun and crew applications have been released. White Christmas is sure to dazzle any audience and put viewers in the holiday spirit a little early. Expect some spectacular dance numbers and an interesting story.

Cast List

Bob Wallace – Tyler Harris

Phil Davis – Nate Kiellian

Betty Haynes – Cassie Wolf

Judy Haynes – Cecelia Fuller

General Henry Waverly – Matthew Lemar

Martha Watson – Anna Czechut-Hoffman

Susan Waverly – Bailey Sommer

Ralph Sheldrake – Isaac Kenney

Rita – Cali D’Agosto

Rhoda – Margaret Kelly

Ezekiel Foster – Eric Woods

Mike – Justin Supeh

Tessie – Diana Sledge

Jimmy – Isaac Heng

Cigarette Girl – Frannie Cihunka

Snoring Man – Matt Kielian

Mrs. Snoring Man – Elaina Carleton

Train Conductor – John Dickas

Dance Captain – Emma Johnson

Seamstress – Sara Lighthart

Assistant Seamstress – Erin Wolf

Ed Sullivan Announcer – Josh Bell

Regency Room Announcer – Luke Meyer

Sheldrake’s Secretary – Amelia Zimmerman


Wosuk Ando

Meredith Bailey

Annie Compton

Josie Golka

Abby Juracek

Alana Kerr

Avery Kinnison

Colette Lawler

Barraina McCroy

Killian Green

Evan Martin

Holly Mccutcheon

Murphy Mertz

Patric Roubidoux

Ariana Saettele 

Mary Said 

Chiara Wallen 

Shelby Yaghoutfam

Lauren Zadalis

Nathaniel Foss 

John Helderidge

Eddie Smith

Featured Dancers

Emily Crowe

Audrey Ehlers

Isabelle Hansen

Emily Lamilla

Anna Steinbruck

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